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Old News!

Oh, boy! I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger!  (That’s how it goes, right?)  I spent the month of May taking in more info than I could possibly absorb about teaching English as a Second Language, thanks to an excellent training course at the Lado International College.   I can’t say enough good things about this course and the three trainers there!  In fact, it’s not over … I’m still working on the post-course requirements (a final exam and other work) which are all due at the end of this month.  Needless to say, this has put a major damper on my knitting …

As noted a few days ago, I did finish the lovely and easy cotton wrap and I’ve already worn it several times.  (It helps that the weather has been dreary and damp!)  I also completed a cotton belt that I had begun last summer.  Sheez, it only took a day or so to finish it.  I don’t know what was taking so long!  Here’s a pic:

I have now resumed the Vinnland socks.  What a drama they have turned out to be!  They were supposed to be a quick interim project … squeezed in before I got earnest about Christmas knitting last year.  I started them last August.  Yes, that’s right: August.  Oy.

I LOVE the Vinnland sock pattern!  I LOVE the yarn!  But it seems that the short row heel was simply not going to work for me.  And the attempts I made to correct the fit just didn’t do it.  I like to knit two socks in parallel (on two sets of needles) and so I tried two variations of the short row heels (one on each sock).  No dice.   I ripped one of those back and went to a tried-and-true heel pattern: the AWESOME  Toe-up Socks with a Difference by Wendy Johnson.  I used it on my Prism Socks and they fit really well.

My poor Vinnlands have been sitting there waiting for me to return to them for months … Last night, I got them out and I could hardly remember what was what!  But it only took a little while to get back into the swing of things.  A bit of knitting last night, a bit of knitting on the train to and from Philly today, and (yay!) I have completed a heel with the new pattern and tried it on: yessss!  It fits most excellently.   This evening I ripped out the other heel and there should be a lovely new one sometime over the next week.

There is that pesky exam to finish, however … !


FO: Slipper Socks

Here are the completed Scrunchy Slouchy Slipper Socks in size Adult Large for hubby.  And just in time, because the temperature dropped to waaay below freezing last night!  The size 13 US DPNs are kinda unwieldy and they make a clickety-clack (which is either fun or annoying, depending on whether you’re knitting or trying to read nearby) but this pattern goes so quickly that it’s worth it!  It took me a week to get these done, but I didn’t work on them every day.  If you had a free weekend, I bet you could get them done … especially in the smaller sizes.  Idea for last-minute Christmas gift!

I’m going to put some non-slip arrangement on the bottom and will note here with an edit when I do.  Before spending money on a possible solution (puffy paint, Grippies), I’m going to experiment with some non-slip rug material I already have handy (sew it onto the bottoms). 

edit: OK, here ya go!  These have yet to be tested by hubby, so they’re not the final word.  I cut out two pieces from some extra rug-pad material we had hanging around and used a tapestry needle and a couple of pieces of the CC yarn to sew them to the bottom of the sock.  I wove in the ends … so if hubby doesn’t like how they work, it will be easy to remove them again!


I have enough of this yarn to make another pair; I think that pair will go to charity.  Thanks to Christmas plans, I’ve been slacking off on charity knitting … and speaking of Christmas plans … the socks and the sweater (now at the halfway point, if my yarn estimates are correct) have cured me of my Rectangle Blues and I’m excited about getting back to the scarves.  If I knit on them exclusively and diligently, I might have four finished and the last two on the needles at Christmas.  Not perfect, but the two fellas who don’t get a timely gift will at least get a preview!

Dark Places Revealed

In a knitting blog??   You guessed correctly: this is not some deep psychodramatic confessional moment … I was chatting over on Ravelry about the book “Mosaic Knitting” by Barbara G. Walker and I noted that I like her books so much that I can’t even keep them on the bookshelf.  Like many knitters, I often wander off mentally to explore ideas for future projects while working on today’s knitting.  If the current project is lace, this can spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r but when cranking out a swath of stockinette, it’s part of the fun.  The thing is, you start asking yourself questions such as “what are some stitch patterns that combine cables and lace?” or “what would a twisted slipped stitch look like?”  This is where you reach for The Books.  So they have to be handy.  Like, right under the couch:

That’s all four of the Treasuries, plus Mosaic Knitting.  Please note the bits of paper hanging out of each one!  Most of those are marking ideas for the Christmas scarves project, but some of them are just relics.  You can get the books at a number of places, but Schoolhouse Press also has other titles that are likely to be valuable additions to a home knitting library.  Not that I’m hinting about Christmas or anything …

Last night, I shoved all of the works in progress aside and started another one … the Scrunchy Slouchy Slipper Socks I’ve had queued for hubby.  They’re on the November list of the Thrifty Knitters Sock Club at Ravelry, so I kinda wanted to get them going.  It’s a very high-gratification project, IMO, because you can get half a sock done in one day!  Here’s yesterday’s effort:

 Hubby asked if I could make them non-slip somehow.  There are a couple of DIY ways to do it, but then I found these: Grippies . I think it will be handy to have a pack or two of these in the supply drawer.


I finished the short-row heel for one of the Vinnland socks last night but wasn’t happy with the way it fits.  The whole sock feels tight, although it measures 9 inches in length (my foot is 9.5 inches) and it wasn’t too tight before I made the heel.  I’m gonna rip and add some depth to the heel.  Never done this before … well I’ve done the ripping part, ha ha ha! … but I think if I do about 4 rows of standard increase at the point where the needles meet at the center of the heel (add 4 stitches), then I can work the short row to the same number of remaining stitches (10) and get a deeper heel.  I guess I could even go down to 8.  Heel knitting didn’t take long and I wasn’t all that happy with the tidiness of one side (going to re-think that too) so this is a great chance to learn by experimentation!  I was just about to begin ripping when I decided to pause a take a progress pic, so here ya go:

FO: A Prism Rainbow

I’m so happy with this color combination, and the pattern is just right for it!


When I saw pooling in pictures of other socks knit with the “Fly Fishing” colorway of Memories sock yarn from Knit Picks, I searched for a pattern that would minimize it … I think Prism did a great job!  It was easy too.  I did the socks toe-up, finishing with EZ’s sewn bind-off.   Lots of yarn left over, maybe this pattern would look cute in some fingerless gloves?  (Like I’m gonna have time for that … the queue is about to take on holiday knitting, ha ha!)

Did I say “holiday knitting”??  Here’s the yarn, it just came in from Knit Picks:

This is Andean Silk which is alpaca, silk and merino.  Very squishy!  This was the closest I could get to the actual colors … I think the blue one isn’t really that bright.  I used the lighter green yarn to make a test swatch:

Yes, there are a couple of errors … I just wanted to see if the needle size — #8 — was good with the yarn and to get an estimate of how many stitches to cast on for each of the SIX manly scarves that are planned.  I love how this yarn feels and drapes so far, it will make a wonderful scarf!!  I spent the morning narrowing down the stitch patterns (this, of course, is open to constant revision!!).  The one in the picture didn’t make the final cut.

And since I finished my August socks with a week left, I cast on for a pre-September pair!  I’m insane.  On a positive note, I love the yarn and the pattern so much!!!  Here ya go:

This toe-up pattern is called Vinnland and the yarn is Valley Yarns Franklin in the “spruce” colorway.  I expected a slightly more solid-color look, but I love it as it is.  The pattern is cool too.  It’s secretly a 2 x 2 ribbing with some increases and decreases which create the pattern.  I wanted to squeeze in another pair of socks cuz I have a feeling my September socks may drag into October  or November now that scarves are taking over, hah!

WIP: Prism View

What a beautiful day!

It’s difficult to sit and knit, but one more good session and I’ll have one of the Prism Toe-Ups finished.   I will definitely set aside some time after dinner because it’s so much fun to sit on the porch with the windows open at this time of year.  The cicadas fade away and the katydids take over … I think there are crickets and other critters, but the katydids pretty much drown ’em out!  Here’s a progress picture:

I hadn’t decided on how I was going to handle the heel until I got there and once I decided on what to do I ended up ripping out some rows.  OK, going all loosey-goosey can have its drawbacks!  I thought I’d try something new and went with one gusset on the bottom of the foot instead of the traditional side gussets.  I totally borrowed the idea from Wendy Johnson’s free pattern HERE (this is a pdf file).  It was handy that the stitch count was already just what I was using (no adjustments needed!).

I’m so tempted to pore over stitch patterns and start dreaming up another pair of socks to squeeze into the second half of August but on such a lovely day it might be more fun to spend some more time outside … did I mention we went on an 11-mile bike ride this morning?   We love to ride on Forbidden Drive, a wooded road along the Wissahickon Creek.  I didn’t take any pictures, but there’s some information about it HERE.  See you in  a few days with some *FO* pictures, I hope!

Quickie WIPs

Of course, there have been other projects on the needles over the last couple of weeks in addition to the socks!  I used some of the leftover cotton yarn from the Crest of the Wave wrap to start a simple slip stitch belt:

Funny thing is: I think I’m going to run out of the lighter color and will have to go buy another skein.   Only a few inches left, but that little bit ain’t gonna cut it … the project’s now temporarily paused.  So, I went to the stash and grabbed some more cotton (Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in their “Super Size” quantities … oh, there will be enough!) and started another slip stitch belt:

As soon as the Monkeys were set loose, I got another pair of socks going too.  The Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks by Ann Budd.  The pattern is free, but you need to register on the web site to have access to it.  I deviated from the pattern in that I used worsted weight yarn and size US #4 needles and I continued the cable pattern onto the top of the foot.  This sock will fit a kid, not a baby … It’s going to a charity that wants socks in all sizes.  I learned a different short row technique than was used on my hiking socks and the fun and easy “zig zag” bind-off … no toe grafting!

This sock took 1 Big Day (lots of time for knitting) or 2 Small Days (knitting in spare time) to do.  Time to go cast on sock number 2 …


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