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New Free Pattern!

Well, I actually described how to make this  in a post of two years ago.  But it’s one of the most-liked projects I’ve posted on Ravelry, so I thought I’d put it into PDF.

It’s called Summer Love.  Check out my Free Patterns page for the details!


FO: Little Arrowhead and Feather Faggotting Lace Wrap

Little Arrowhead and Feather Faggotting Lace Wrap

Little Arrowhead and Feather Faggotting Lace Wrap

This weighs in at 11 oz.  I used Lily Sugar’n Cream Solid (color “Ecru”) and size 10 needles.  It would look equally nice if I had used up all the yarn (knit one more ounce) but I didn’t.  I posted the pattern in my previous post.  If you’re interested!!


My knitting activity didn’t just taper off, it dropped off a cliff!

When you last heard from me, I was working on (post)Christmas knitting projects.  I had just finished the next-to-last of them and was ready to get back to the last one (already in progress).  Well, that’s about the time I just stopped all knitting-related activities!

I recently decided to take a new direction in my non-knitting life by expanding my volunteer activities into self-employment.  This began while Christmas knitting was in progress and accelerated rapidly as I immersed myself deeper and deeper in the process of investigating different options.  Exploration, research, planning, experimenting, learning, changing direction a few times … from this, a plan has begun to take shape! 

That last Christmas project is off the needles now, but it moved at a much slower pace.  I didn’t want it to be a chore (part of the fun is thinking of the intended recipient and putting those “good vibes” into the knitting), so I only worked on it when I had a good stretch of quality knitting time … and those were hard to come by!  Even the 2-3 hours of train travel every week were lost because I now ride the bus more and it turns out that knitting on the bus is a motion-sickness inducer.  Boo!

It seems as if the activity for my new project is shifting to a different mode now.  It was wide-open at first, now it’s more and more focused.   So knitting is moving back in to the gaps again!  I have some WIPs that have been lingering since before the holidays and I have two new-ish projects, both easy.

Easy knitted cowl

Easy knitted cowl

The first is a cowl that I’m improvising to go with a pair of fingerless mitts already completed.  I’m using yarn that I bought for Christmas and decided was not a “manly” enough color.  It’s great for me though!

EasyKnitted Cotton Wrap

EasyKnitted Cotton Wrap

The second is a lace wrap made from ecru cotton that’s been waiting in the stash for springtime … it started as a swatch for a kitchen tablecloth but morphed to “placemat” when I realized I don’t have the quantities for a tablecloth (yet) and then to “wrap” when I was pretty sure I DO have the quantities for that!

The non-knitting project?  I volunteer tutor English as a Second Language (ESL)  in Philadelphia a couple of times a week.  From Day 1, I have wanted to expand into some form of related employment and in the fall I began to more actively look into  that.  To cut to the chase, I’ve decided to go into business for myself offering business and academic tutoring to paying “learners”.   I intend to continue the volunteer work and hope that the two activities will complement each other … that whatever skills I develop through either activity will benefit the other.

Just Pictures

Here they are!  This yarn (Lion Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton) drapes so nicely:

FO: Hydrangea Wrap

Not a lot of time to write, so I”ll just report that the Hydrangea Wrap is finished on schedule!  I’ll be seeing the recipients of the Expanding Spontaneous Project tomorrow.  That leaves just enough time for a little steaming tonight.  They should both dry out by tomorrow evening (and I’m delivering them even if they don’t, ha ha!).

I hope to get a nicer picture of each wrap tomorrow, weather permitting …

Hydrangea Wrap

As I was knitting Wrap #2, I was wondering about my decision to put the green and blue yarns adjacent to each other.  I continued to knit, occasionally pausing to gaze out the window and ponder … “Hmmm, do those two colors work together?”  Eventually, my eyes came into focus on what was just outside the window:

OK, so the green and blue combination is a natural!  I kept knitting and am now at the halfway point.  I really like the stitch pattern.  It’s a 4-row pattern but only 3 rows are unique.  Very easy to memorize, I got 1 and a half sections done on the train today … here’s a progress pic:

I should definitely be finishing up sometime on the weekend.  I was so tempted to wear Wrap #1 last Saturday, but I managed to resist.  That temptation could arise with Wrap #2 this time around … maybe someday I’ll make a cotton wrap for myself, lol!

Hugs in Cotton

Yesterday, I started Part 2 of The Expanding Spontaneous Project.  Since there’s a limited window when the secret recipients will be available in person, I sort of have a deadline.  So, the Monkeys must go inside and rest for a while!  (They’re progressing nicely; one’s at the foot section and the other is at the gusset decrease.)

I was originally thinking of making a variation on the Crest of the Wave idea for the second wrap, perhaps doing the pattern along the length instead of across the width … but it’s more fun to try a new stitch pattern, isn’t it??  So, Wrap #2 uses Faggoting and Beehive Lace from Barbara Walker’s first “Treasury of Knitting Patterns”.    I deliberately chose a lace that wouldn’t be wavy, just to be different.  I think this wrap will be more delicate-looking when it’s finished:

The first wrap was a combination of “earthy” colors.  For this one, I was thinking of “leaves, sky, clouds”.  It took a half day of experimenting to decide on a stitch pattern, get gauge and make other design decisions.  The knitting itself should go pretty fast … well, as fast as knitting can go in high-humidity weather!


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