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More Purple

I finally got around to taking pictures of the fuzzy purple scarf too. I really enjoyed knitting with this Kidsilk Haze.  Such a luxurious treat!

The details:

Yarn:  70% mohair and 30% silk; see above!

Needles: US #9

Pattern:  Invisible Stripe Scarf by lupinbunny

I cast on 25 stitches for a 6″ wide scarf and went until I had 40″ (accessory size).  Using my excellent new digital scale – whee! – I got 11.5 grams for this scarf.  That’s just shy of half a ball, so two friends could split a ball of this fancy yarn.  (By the way, I see Knit Picks has introduced a similar yarn called Aloft.  Will try it sometime!)

This pattern is basically garter stitch (all K stitches) except that every now and then you do a row with 3 wraps for every K stitch.  On the next row, you drop 2 of the wraps and knit a Very Big stitch to get back to your original stitch count.   You can choose however many K rows you want between the fancy rows.   I did the two rows described plus 4 more.  You can do 2 wraps instead of 3.  If you vary the number of wraps, you can get something like this:


Fuzz and Mitts

I finished the sweater, except for weaving in the openings at the base of each sleeve.  Hope to get pictures this weekend.  It depends on whether hubby (who is very busy now, during tax season) is willing to take a few snaps.

In the meantime, I also made a pair of mitts.   This is a second pass for this pattern.  In December, I ad-libbed a pair and gave them away before I even had time to model them for pictures!  Thank goodness I had made some notes.  I made another pair and I think they’re pretty cute.

I don’t think this picture does them justice.  Maybe when hubby is wielding the camera he can get a pic or two in better circumstances!  The palm is straight K1-P1 ribbing (and so is the border). As with the first pair, I used leftover yarn from a pair of socks.  I’ve started writing up the pattern and will post on the Free Patterns page when it’s ready.

We had a nice visit from one of my sisters-in-law this weekend.  She is the one who turned me on to knitting!  Dorothy brought her bag and some needles and some fabulous mohair yarn and we browsed through Ravelry until we found a nice project.  She got going on it and it was looking awesome.  I thought it would be fun to make the same project, so I looked through my stash and found a totally squishy ball of  Kidsilk Haze that was waiting for the right inspiration!  Mine won’t look as dramatic as Dorothy’s because it’s only one color and not so fuzzy.  But it’s fun that we’re both knitting on the same project at the same time!!  It’s a pattern that will go quickly.  I cast on earlier today and here’s a peek:

I think it will open up a lot with blocking.  I totally love this yarn.  It is soooooo sooooooft!  What a treat to play with it!!

Socked In

They’re saying it will be a blizzard, but it’s just getting started … I’m planning to stay in all day tomorrow and should have some time to turn a couple of heels, yeah!

“What heels?”, you may ask … I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to post.  But I HAVE used whatever free time I could find to knit a little!  I grabbed some yarn from the stash and the needles from the last pair of socks (still in their project bags, not put away … hey, I’ve been busy!) and fired up a pair of toe-up socks just to have something going.  The tweedy yarn was calling for something in the cable realm but I wanted another easy pair, so I decided to use a nifty stitch pattern from one of the scarves on the 2008 Christmas list … the “yarn-over cable” from Barbara Walker’s indispensable “Treasury of Knitting Patterns”.  It’s not really a cable, it uses a slip stitch decrease followed (on the next row) by a yarn-over to restore the stitch count. But it looks like a cable with a little hole in the middle — cool!  It’s easy and effective and, from what I can see so far, makes a nice ribbing.  Here’s a pic I took almost a week ago:

As noted, I’m about to turn the heels.  That could take some experimenting cuz I’m planning to put the cable rib on the heel instead of a heel stitch but haven’t really thought it all out yet, ha ha!

Oh, I also started some lace.  For 2007 Christmas knitting, I made lots of lace scarves and gave them all away, forgot to make one for myself!  I’ve had the yarn but never got around to getting started on it.  Until a couple of weeks ago, that is:

This does not look impressive, but patience is necessary.  Blocking will reveal something pretty in the end!

FO: Golden Chains Around Your Neck

I never settled on a good name for this scarf and ultimately decided to go with “Golden Chains” … but the scarf itself was totally fun to knit and I’m so happy with how it came out!

This is effectively ribbing, so it took some serious blocking to spread it out and show off the stitch patterns.  This pattern was extremely easy … except for the stitch in the center, it’s only a 4-row pattern.  The stitch in the center crosses left or right every four rows and you can easily tell which way you need to go by looking at the one before!

Here’s a closeup:

The rib with the holes in it is not, strictly-speaking, a cable but it certainly looks like one.  The rib on the ends involved a new technique:  double-wrapping 4 purl stitches and then unwrapping them on the front to get extra yarn, then passing two of the extra-long stitches over the other two.  It’s easier than it sounds!  The center rib is a very simple 1-over-2 cable, but the 1 was slipped for two rows before it was used in the cable-crossing.  Same technique as used in the gull stitch and the coin cable.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: I used 4 skeins of Knit Picks Andean Silk yarn (55% Super Fine Alpaca, 23% Silk, 22% Merino Wool) in the “Cinnamon” colorway.  The first picture above is more true to the color, I’d say.

FO: Scotch Pines Scarf

Yay!  This scarf looks very traditional, I like it a lot.  The pattern was easy to memorize … not a complex cable but good-looking.  It took pretty much exactly 4 skeins, so I have two left for other purposes.  I haven’t blocked it yet, but here’s a pic taken only moments after the last loose end was woven in:

Now the needles are free for the final scarf!  I have a swatch on bamboo needles, but I prefer the metal.  Primary focus will be on the Seismic scarf (#3) though.  But FIRST … I am going to work on something else for a few days.  The Coin Cable Raglan deserves some attention, and if I can get it finished in the next week there will be plenty of winter left for wearing it!  My poor Vinnland socks are also starving for attention, so maybe the next TWO weeks for personal knitting …

Edit: Blocking probably reduced the length of the scarf by 3 inches, because I pulled it wide to show off the cables.  Here are a couple of pictures taken during blocking to show why it’s worth taking 3-4 minutes to shape your scarf after washing!

It’s nice to have a bed in a room with a door you can close (cats, you know) for blocking.  The scarf is damp, not wet, so if you spread it on towels (I used 3 hand towels end-to-end) the bedspread won’t get moist.  And in the winter, when the air in the house is low-humidity, the scarf will easily dry overnight … plus the added moisture in the air is good for your skin!

UFO to WIP to FO?

The Thrifty Knitters Sock Club (at Ravelry) is gearing up for the new year … we’re all digging through our baskets and bags to find sock UFOs (unfinished objects) and January will be the month to get them off the needles!  This is a very timely plan, because I would love to be able to wear my Vinnland socks before winter is over.  When the Vinnlands and I were last on knitting terms, I was struggling with the heels.  The short row heel wasn’t working out.  After several tries, I was plain tired of working on them and I put them aside.  But the decorative stitch pattern is so much fun and the yarn is soooo beautiful, I’m now ready to give them another go.   They’ve been in this state for months, the poor dears:

And with all this talk about socks, I must be finished with the Six Christmas Scarves project, right?  Ummm, no?  Scarf #6 (which is currently named “Scotch Pines”) is at the halfway point as of this afternoon.  I started it a week ago today, so that’s excellent progress!  Here’s a pic at around the 25% mark:

Lest you think that means I have one week left to finish the project … let me advise you that Scarf #3 (“Seismic”) is at around the 60% mark and scarf #5 (not yet named) is still just a swatch twinkling at the bottom of the knitting bag!

Somehow, things got out of order, you see.  A few posts ago, I was wishing for better dexterity so that I could do all of these scarves without a cable needle and danged if it didn’t occur to me: what better way to gain dexterity than a project involving tons of cables??  I stopped using the cable needle as of that post!  After I got the hang of it, all scarves started to go much more quickly … and this one seemed to be going especially well, so I decided to try and get it finished asap.  At this rate, I ought to be showing some nice pictures of the golden scarf (#5) next week.  Unless the socks creep in and usurp my time and energy … !

Oh, by the way: H A P P N E Y E A R !!!

The Home Stretch

Here is a picture of “the Home Stretch” … that is, the street in front of our house:

That’s ice!  We had planned to be “over the river and through the woods” two hours ago but are waiting for the thermometer to climb and/or a salt truck to help us out.  As you can see, we live on a hill.  Our driveway is OK cuz hubby distributed some salt this morning but that only gets us as far as the street … and even if we could get out of our little neighborhood, we’d still have to find a way off of this hill!  There are three roads to choose from and I wouldn’t want to be on any of them this morning.  So, instead of drinking my coffee from a thermos while cruising down Interstate 95 I get to drink it in front of the fire … with a little Chirstmas music playing and some knitting, of course!

This, friends, is scarf #6, the last of the Christmas series!  Since I’m pitifully late (knit 2 and 1/2 scarves by tomorrow??), I wanted to have at least something to show the intended recipient at present-opening time.  I started swatching yesterday and this is the third iteration (a keeper!).  It’s probably the most traditional of all of the scarves and the color couldn’t be more Irish, could it?  I will enjoy making it … and I hope its owner won’t mind waiting for it!


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