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FO: Blackrose Socks

These were a pleasure to knit … the pattern was satisfying even though it wasn’t too challenging!

I used KnitPicks Stroll Kettle Dyed yarn in the “Auburn” colorway … the subtle color variations are easy to appreciate in the plain parts of this pattern.  At the same time, the color changes don’t interfere with the lacey parts!  The pattern itself comes from Knitty.  I kept the spirit of this pattern but modified it in the following ways:

– I made the 2×2 ribbing on the cuff longer because I thought a sock with lots of stockinette could use a little extra elasticity at the top.

– I started with 64 stitches but reduced the leg by 4 stitches about halfway down for the same reason: I wanted to keep the lace stretched out as the leg got narrower.

– I ditched the short row heel for a regular flap-and-gusset arrangement.  This is just a personal preference; no comment on the original pattern.

Here’s a picture of the leg shaping and the heel flap:

I reduced the circumference by 4 stitches (from 64 to 60) about halfway down the leg in the back.  For fun, I chose a unique stitch pattern for the heel flap: the “fluted fabric stitch” with two garter stitches at the beginning and end of each row.

These socks were fun and I can’t wait to wear them!


The Real Heel Deal

I’ve only been knitting in odd moments because life is really busy right now!  I’m enjoying all of the busy-ness but will appreciate settling into a (new) routine in a month or two.  All knitting lately has been on the Blackrose socks.  They’re portable, so they’re the ones most likely to be at hand when a few spare minutes pop up. 

I love the pattern because it’s easy, but it still holds enough interest to keep a sock knitter motivated!  First, the lace pattern has only 4 “workhorse” rows but yields a satisfyingly complex-looking design.  Second, the areas of stockinette show off the kettle-dyed yarn nicely.   Here they are with both gussets just completed:

Here’s a closer peek at the decorative pattern:

I’ve struggled with short row heels in the past, so I substituted a heel of my own choosing for these socks.  To add further to the interest, I tried an all-new stitch pattern for the heel flap:


This is from one of Barbara G. Walker’s stitch treasuries (surprise!) and it’s called the Fluted Fabric stitch.  I thought it might serve as a nice heel stitch because, just like the traditional heel stitch, it’s a two row pattern which uses slipped stitches.  I LOVE how it looks … and the coolest discovery is that the wrong side looks great too!  I may even like it better than the right side … keep an eye open for this one in another pattern, ha ha!

I actually have two WIPs going.  The other is a pair of hitherto-unmentioned legwarmers.  I started it around Christmastime and haven’t gotten back to it lately.  Maybe there will be pictures in the next post.  Until then, see ya!


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