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Cable Ready

Time for the Fun Part!

I just tried all three pieces on (ok, well, it was kinda awkward since they’re not attached yet) and have concluded that it’s time to pull this act together.

The sleeves could be an inch too long, but the cute garter stitch cuff folds back and still looks great.  So there’s some leeway there!  The original pattern called for CO 4o for the sleeves and I thought they were too wide.  I backed off to CO 32.  This called for extra increasing to get to the final stitch count (to make the yoke work).  I should have increased every 6 rows instead of every 8.  That’s why the sleeves are long!  If I like this sweater as much as I think I will, I may use this template again.  Next time, the CO for the cuffs will be 36.

I love the weight of this yarn.  It’s City Tweed HW from Knit Picks in the Jacquard colorway.  I can tell that the sweater will feel substantial.  I bought 7 balls but it’s looking like I will use less than 6.

OK, off to make the Big Join and get started on the cable yoke!

Edit: this is from a pattern by Ann Budd.  See previous post.


Tweed on Ice

It’s an icy morning — a good time to knit!  This is going to become a cabled yoke sweater.  It’s not an original design this time.   First time for a yoke sweater, so I picked a pattern that I’ve always liked.  It’s from Ann Budd’s book The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. I couldn’t find a posted picture of the sweater so you’ll have to wait until I’m finished!

The book isn’t really a pattern book; it provides tables so that you can estimate yarn purchases and plan different kinds of sweaters after getting gauge.  But it DOES have examples of each type of sweater and there is an explicit “copycat” pattern spelled out for each of these!

I never end up copycatting completely, ha ha!  In this case, I cast on with fewer stitches for the sleeves.  Let’s see what happens with the rest of the sweater …

As you can see in this picture, I’m using two circular needles instead of DPNs for the sleeves.  I prefer DPNs over two circs because the extra dangling needles can be annoying — if not to me, then to the cat on my lap.  But I also prefer metal needles over bamboo because the tips are sharp.  I went with sharp tips this time, let the cat be cranky!

If you use this method of circular knitting and you have modular needles, did you know you only need one pair of needles in the desired size?  I don’t remember where I learned that (maybe Cat Bordhi?) but it really give flexibility when choosing your method.  The trick is to put one needle of the desired size on each circular cable.  The other needle can be a size smaller.  When you’re knitting, set it up so that the bigger needle is in the right hand (you wrap the yarn around it, which defines the gauge) and the smaller needle is in the left hand (it holds already-knit stitches, so doesn’t affect gauge).  A bonus is that the stitches slide onto the smaller needle more easily too!

I was SOOO busy over the last year or so, but I think life is settling down now.  I hope to post more often and to catch up on other blogs too …

Catching up!

Some recent things:

– I finished the Norblu Sweater and gave it to Jim for Christmas.  Here he is wearing it:

As I feared, it’s a little more snug than he prefers, but I think he may wear it anyway!

Somewhere along the way, I made a couple of hats too … I made a Tricorder (see “Free Patterns”) with yarn leftover from last Christmas:


And I experimented with a new stitch pattern for a Random Hat:


Finally, I started a new pair of socks, using a pattern called Blackrose:

Sorry for the hodgepodge approach but today’s the first time back on my “home” computer after a malware attack!  The experts’ idea of solving the problem was to wipe my entire computer clean and reinstall the original software, oy …

FO: Vinnland Socks

AT LAST!  The Vinnland socks are off the needles before their first anniversary!  It’s a long story (see other posts) but the bottom line is that the pattern is beautiful, it looks more complicated than it is, and it’s easy to memorize. All you really need is the ability to M1 … one type for K and one for P. 

I’m not the only one who had trouble with the short row heel … just sub in another one you like and don’t let it stop you from making this sock!  My current favorite, which worked excellently, is a heel with the gusset on the bottom of the foot.  It’s just so cool!  You can find it at Wendy Knits

The yarn was the gorgeous Valley Yarns Franklin, hand-dyed bt the Kangaroo Dyer in the “Spruce” colorway.  One hank was more than enough for this pair for my size 9 1/2 feet.  I have some left over.  I’m tempted to buy some here too … must … resist …

This light shows the stitch pattern well.

This light shows the stitch pattern well.


Action photo ...

Action photo ...


A closer look at the gusset on the bottom of the foot.

A closer look at the gusset on the bottom of the foot.

Six Scarves

Alright, well, it’s stretching it a bit to call the last two scarves!  The ones in progress are actually longer than what you see in the picture now.  I’m really enjoying both of them.  The green one (“Seismic”) involves a cable needle and the purple one (“Imperial Mirrors”) is made with twist stitches.  The purple one is pretty narrow, but the intended recipient is the youngest of the bunch so maybe that’s OK.  I will have enough yarn left over to make a hat and I think a one-color version of the Tricorder Hat (see “free patterns”)  would match this scarf excellently … so if he seems disappointed, I can follow with the hat.  I’m now beginning the detailed planning for scarf #5, yeah!

Here’s a pic of #2 (“Diamondback”) after blocking.  It made a huge difference … this yarn has much alpaca (Knit Picks “Andean Silk”) and it fluffs out so nicely after blocking!  The drape too (prolly thanks to the silk) is heavenly.

The color is funky, but here’s a view that shows the texture of the stitch pattern well:

A Glimpse of the Future (and the Past)

Just realized I never took a picture of the test swatch for Christmas Scarf #5 … as I get to the end of #4 (I will finish it today, I will!), thoughts of the next project to go on the same needles will naturally arise!  So here it is, for inspiration:

Fleurette Lace Swatch

I knitted this while in a moving car, as we drove to and from Montreal for vacation last September.  If it looks a little uneven, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!  It’s Knit Picks Shadow in “Campfire Heather” and US #2 needles.

I also found a picture on the camera card of me wearing the Swiss Fan Lace Scarf.  The quality of the picture isn’t all that great but I thought I’d share it so you can see the scarf in action. (If you’re debating whether to spend time knitting it, that always helps, doesn’t it?)

Swiss Fan Lace Scarf (in action)


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