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FO: Little Arrowhead and Feather Faggotting Lace Wrap

Little Arrowhead and Feather Faggotting Lace Wrap

Little Arrowhead and Feather Faggotting Lace Wrap

This weighs in at 11 oz.  I used Lily Sugar’n Cream Solid (color “Ecru”) and size 10 needles.  It would look equally nice if I had used up all the yarn (knit one more ounce) but I didn’t.  I posted the pattern in my previous post.  If you’re interested!!


The Latest in Vulcan Headwear (FO! Free Pattern! Yay!)

In answer to a call for some charity knitwear, I used some leftover Wool-Ease to make a hat:

Tricorder HatTricorder Hat (top)

I call it the Tricorder Hat.  Yes, the name is a play on words!  The hat looks as if it has cords in groups of three draping the head and ending in tassels.  It’s also a nod to Mr. Spock, who hid his ears under a woolen hat in a 1967 episode of Star Trek called “City on the Edge of Forever”.

Once you get the hang of doing the twisted stitches, this hat is a pretty easy knit.  The twist requires skipping a stitch and knitting one, knitting the skipped stitch and then slipping both off the needle. At first, it was tricky to get the needle under the first stitch in order to knit it. I ended up putting the needle though both stitches as if to K2TOG, then backing the needle out a bit and inserting it between the stitches.  After I figured this out, the project went quickly!

 I’ve posted the Tricorder Hat pattern on my Free Patterns page, hope you like it!

Plait Cable Scarf Pattern

Just under the weather wire! A new scarf is up for winter duty before the cold sets in:

Plait Cable Scarf

This scarf will be warm in another way: it carries memories of family. It was my primary travel project over the last three weeks. We flew to Kansas to visit my sister-in-law and, although I had a more compact lace project with me too, this is the one I pulled out. Simply put, I could work it in poor light and/or without glasses! For some reason the cable needle didn’t feel cumbersome. I guess I’ve gotten used to the motions of grabbing it, using it, and wedging it away (I tuck one end under a leg so it stays put). By the time of our Thanksgiving visit to my family the scarf was 3 feet long … but that was train travel. It’s less cramped than the plane.  Edit: I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working out my purl technique and so the stockinette part of this scarf is a little flaky looking.  It definitely looks smoother at the end (yay!).  I’m sure your scarf (if you choose to knit one) will look even better …

Alright, alright, let’s get to the meat of this post: the pattern!  The Plait Cable Scarf pattern is now officially added my Free Patterns page. I’m no expert, so there could be ambiguities.  And I did use my own abbreviations for the cabling process.  I will gladly explain or clarify and apologize in advance for the possibility of errors.  I’ve read and re-read it, but you never know … please share any suggestions for improvement; it will help me write better patterns in the future!

EDIT on 3/11/08: There was an error in the original plait cable scarf pattern which I corrected a while ago but the link above still pointed to the old version.  I’m sorry about that and have fixed the link.  If you’ve printed the pattern out, please double-check that you have the new one.  The name of the newer file is “plait-cable-scarf-v2.pdf” and there is a red note (kinda like this one!) at the end of the printout.

Vine Lace Scarf Pattern

I got a request for a “how to” on the Vine Lace scarf.  It’s really just 4 repeats of a very easy lace pattern, but the results look very special!  Here’s  a write-up:

Vine Lace Scarf

You can find the Vine Lace stitch pattern in Barbara Walker’s “First Treasury of Knitting Patterns” and also on (which I will add to my blogroll shortly).  There is a nice picture of a swatch on the Walker Treasury Project site (see blogroll) and you can see an example of the stitch pattern in a sweater at Crystal Palace Yarns.

Swiss Fan Lace Scarf Pattern

Here is the pattern, as promised:

Swiss Fan Lace Scarf

This scarf knits up very quickly!  It requires only one ball of worsted weight yarn (edit: I used Patons Classic Merino)  and the 4-row lace pattern is easy to memorize.  In order for the lace pattern to “fall” the same way on either side of the neck, I knitted the scarf in two pieces.  The seed stitch border makes it difficult to graft the pieces together seamlessly, and I don’t think it’s necessary.  Just bind off each piece and sew them together … that part will always be at the back of the neck anyway!

Comments or questions?  Feel free!

Plait Cable Mittens Pattern

Here it is, my first attempt to capture an original pattern in PDF format.  I tried to keep good notes, but could have missed something.  If you have questions or discover an error, please let me know!

Plait Cable Mittens

I have plans for a matching cap and scarf, need to knit them first and then I’ll write them up.

I was sick recently and not up to working with fine yarn, so to keep the knitting chops up I made a small decorative scarf in worsted weight and a simple pattern.  It’s drying now, after blocking.  I’ll post a nice picture and pattern later, but for now here’s a quick peek:

Swiss Fan Preview


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