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Lilac Attack

Once again, work has gotten in the way of important knitting!  Oh well, work is fun too.

There has been time for knitting, but not at the pace I would like.  Here’s the status of my Lilac Haze Tee:

I should have the back finished tomorrow … maybe the front will be finished by next weekend?

I spent a lot of time knitting, ripping and knitting the row which transitions from knitting in the round to knitting flat.  Frankly, I couldn’t (can’t) see how the pattern would work as it’s written.  I found a way to proceed, more on that in the final notes.

Interesting challenge ahead: 3-needle bind-off.  That’s gonna be a new one for me.  I look forward to it!


Lilac Haze

This latest project is made from organic cotton … Simply Cotton in the Haze Heather colorway (organic cotton from Knit Picks).  The pattern is “Summer Tee Top” by Claudia Olson, a free download on Ravelry.  After getting gauge, I reduced the CO by 28 stitches.  I don’t know if this will result in the desired 36″ size and just the right amount of negative ease … or another gift for someone else (wah! I want to wear it myself!).  Anyway, the suspense will keep me knitting, ha ha!

I actually have completed both the tweed sweater and the fuzzy scarf … EXCEPT for the finishing steps.  A tiny bit of weaving in will finish the sweater and all I have to do is bind off the scarf.  For some reason, I don’t want to take them off the needles.  Maybe I’m just not interested in wool and mohair now that the snowdrops and witch hazel are blooming!

Cable Ready

Time for the Fun Part!

I just tried all three pieces on (ok, well, it was kinda awkward since they’re not attached yet) and have concluded that it’s time to pull this act together.

The sleeves could be an inch too long, but the cute garter stitch cuff folds back and still looks great.  So there’s some leeway there!  The original pattern called for CO 4o for the sleeves and I thought they were too wide.  I backed off to CO 32.  This called for extra increasing to get to the final stitch count (to make the yoke work).  I should have increased every 6 rows instead of every 8.  That’s why the sleeves are long!  If I like this sweater as much as I think I will, I may use this template again.  Next time, the CO for the cuffs will be 36.

I love the weight of this yarn.  It’s City Tweed HW from Knit Picks in the Jacquard colorway.  I can tell that the sweater will feel substantial.  I bought 7 balls but it’s looking like I will use less than 6.

OK, off to make the Big Join and get started on the cable yoke!

Edit: this is from a pattern by Ann Budd.  See previous post.

Long Time, No See

I have been knitting … really!

Last summer, I began a cotton sweater … I finished it!  I have also made two scarves since then.  What I haven’t been doing is posting the results to the blog … sorry about that!

Here are two pictures to capture the scarves.  I don’t have any pix of the sweater yet.  There’s a reason for that … it deserves a post of its own (if time allows??!).

The above is the “Purple Petal”.  The below is a lovely scarf I made for a very sweet friend … I call it the “Artistic Drop Stitch Scarf”.

I also have an updated picture of the green “Soleil”.  Here it is, for what it’s worth!

I have been dedicated exclusively to my ESL classes for some months now and I haven’t had much spare time for knitting.  However, I think things will be shifting to a more balanced perspective soon.  This blog will hopefully reflect those changes going forward!

FO: Cotswold Walkers

Wow, it only took two weeks to complete these socks!  They were essentially a 2×2 ribbed sock with a 3-stitch cable-like design replacing some of the ribs.  I made them from the toe up, using a Magic Cast-on, a heel with gusset on the bottom and the EZ sewn bind-off at the top.  The heel flap was just a continuation of the ribbing pattern.  These socks have 30 iterations of the 4-row pattern.  I would say the leg of the sock is just the right length.  I would shorten the foot by 1 or two patterns if I made these again (my feet are short for my height!). 

I named these socks to evoke an imagined walking tour in the Lake District of England.  Maybe someday they will take the actual tour (hopefully with me in them)!  In the meantime, here they are inside my walking sandals.  Not the best choice when a couple of feet of snow are on the ground, but it’s good for photos.  Note: be extremely wary of the velcro if you want to wear hand-knit socks with shoes like these!

Another note: I ended the sock after row 1 of the pattern (the part where the “crossover” occurs) because I thought it would look prettiest.  It does … BUT … I forgot that this row actually decreases the total stitch count.  When I bound off, I was puzzled to notice that the top of the sock was kind of snug.  “But I used the very flexible EZ sewn bind-off, which never fails!” I muttered.  Then I realized my error:  the sock has 6 fewer stitches after that row.  That’s maybe an inch of circumference lost!  So next time, I will stop after row 4 when all stitches have been restored and settled in.

If you want to use this pretty stitch pattern in place of a rib in your favorite sock pattern, here it is:

use in place of a stockinette rib:

R1: S1 K2 PSSO  (this decreases from 3 stitches to 2)

R2: K1 YO K1 (this puts the missing stitch back, creating the hole in the middle)

R3: K3

R4: K3

(PSSO means to pass the slipped stitch over the two stitches just knitted.)

This is JUST the stitch pattern.  It could replace the K3 in a 3X3 ribbing (K3 P3), or use it wherever you want. Just put some purl or garter stitch on either side to show it off.  If you use it to replace a 2-stitch rib, don’t forget that this will increase the stitch count of your sock circumference unless you compensate elsewhere. The above instructions are for knitting in the round (all sides are the right side!).  I had to knit flat for the heel flap.  The instructions for that are:

R1 (RS): S1 K2 PSSO  (this decreases from 3 stitches to 2)

R2: P1 YO P1 (this puts the missing stitch back, creating the hole in the middle)

R3: K3

R4: P3

Old News!

Oh, boy! I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger!  (That’s how it goes, right?)  I spent the month of May taking in more info than I could possibly absorb about teaching English as a Second Language, thanks to an excellent training course at the Lado International College.   I can’t say enough good things about this course and the three trainers there!  In fact, it’s not over … I’m still working on the post-course requirements (a final exam and other work) which are all due at the end of this month.  Needless to say, this has put a major damper on my knitting …

As noted a few days ago, I did finish the lovely and easy cotton wrap and I’ve already worn it several times.  (It helps that the weather has been dreary and damp!)  I also completed a cotton belt that I had begun last summer.  Sheez, it only took a day or so to finish it.  I don’t know what was taking so long!  Here’s a pic:

I have now resumed the Vinnland socks.  What a drama they have turned out to be!  They were supposed to be a quick interim project … squeezed in before I got earnest about Christmas knitting last year.  I started them last August.  Yes, that’s right: August.  Oy.

I LOVE the Vinnland sock pattern!  I LOVE the yarn!  But it seems that the short row heel was simply not going to work for me.  And the attempts I made to correct the fit just didn’t do it.  I like to knit two socks in parallel (on two sets of needles) and so I tried two variations of the short row heels (one on each sock).  No dice.   I ripped one of those back and went to a tried-and-true heel pattern: the AWESOME  Toe-up Socks with a Difference by Wendy Johnson.  I used it on my Prism Socks and they fit really well.

My poor Vinnlands have been sitting there waiting for me to return to them for months … Last night, I got them out and I could hardly remember what was what!  But it only took a little while to get back into the swing of things.  A bit of knitting last night, a bit of knitting on the train to and from Philly today, and (yay!) I have completed a heel with the new pattern and tried it on: yessss!  It fits most excellently.   This evening I ripped out the other heel and there should be a lovely new one sometime over the next week.

There is that pesky exam to finish, however … !

FO: Little Arrowhead and Feather Faggotting Lace Wrap

Little Arrowhead and Feather Faggotting Lace Wrap

Little Arrowhead and Feather Faggotting Lace Wrap

This weighs in at 11 oz.  I used Lily Sugar’n Cream Solid (color “Ecru”) and size 10 needles.  It would look equally nice if I had used up all the yarn (knit one more ounce) but I didn’t.  I posted the pattern in my previous post.  If you’re interested!!


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