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Oh Dear

… what can the matter be?

It’s another rainy day, one month later.  I now have 8 inches of butterflies knitted up … wow, that’s not a lot of progress!  Here’s the scoop: I knitted up about 10 inches of the project mentioned in my last post and then tried it on.  It was waaaaay too big!  Back to the drawing board.

The second pass is actually better, because I have more practice in knitting the cute petite shells border and it looks prettier than the first try.  That said, I have just barely caught up to where I was when I decided to start over.  I think it will be very cute when all is said and done, and it seems there is lots of time before summer kicks in “for real”.  I say that because it has been cloudy, foggy or downright rainy for 3 days now and the forecast says “rain” until Saturday!

Here, for illustration purposes, is a spot of sun:

Hubby brought me some sunflowers recently (a “sick prize” for some minor surgery) and every time I pass the kitchen, the bright yellow reminds me of the sun that’s hidden out there behind some clouds!



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