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Long Time, No See

I have been knitting … really!

Last summer, I began a cotton sweater … I finished it!  I have also made two scarves since then.  What I haven’t been doing is posting the results to the blog … sorry about that!

Here are two pictures to capture the scarves.  I don’t have any pix of the sweater yet.  There’s a reason for that … it deserves a post of its own (if time allows??!).

The above is the “Purple Petal”.  The below is a lovely scarf I made for a very sweet friend … I call it the “Artistic Drop Stitch Scarf”.

I also have an updated picture of the green “Soleil”.  Here it is, for what it’s worth!

I have been dedicated exclusively to my ESL classes for some months now and I haven’t had much spare time for knitting.  However, I think things will be shifting to a more balanced perspective soon.  This blog will hopefully reflect those changes going forward!