Watch out!

There maybe should be an alert going off in my head or something, because I now have 4 WIPs going!

I have a toe started on a pair of socks.  I was originally going to make a really cool pattern called “Magic Mirrors” (it’s free on Ravelry, check it out!) but I decided the yarn I’ve selected doesn’t suit that pattern.  It’s another tweed and kind of nubbly.  So then I though up an ad-libbed pattern but I’m not so sure the yarn will be suited to that one either.  Sigh.  One toe, no pattern!

There is also the lace scarf, which I’m now calling “Ivy Buds”.  No progress since last picture …

OK, there’s also a scarf that’s forming from leftover Christmas yarn.  Did I mention that one yet?  It’s looking faaaaabulous!  The knitting part is ridiculously easy, but since I’m changing colors a lot, it will require some heavy weaving in.  So, slow going there too.  Here’s a picture in bad light:

Finally, I started a fun project yesterday, with inspiration from a beautiful and creative young woman who knitted in a style all her own.  It will be a blanket for charity … more on that later!!



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