Two Heels Lookin’ Good

I decided to use the Eye of Partridge stitch and a garter stitch selvedge for the heel of this sock.  The very first “real” sock I ever made had a heel like this and it was very attractive.  I never finished that pair of socks because there were size and yarn issues … so it’s nice to have a wearable pair with this design!  I think it looks nice with the lace too.

I’ve finished the gusset-munch on both socks, so all that’s left is the slide to the toes!  My current estimate is 1.5 more iterations of the decorative pattern. 

I got the yarn for Christmas knitting … well, they neglected to send two of the balls I ordered!  First time they’ve messed up.  I’ll call tomorrow.  I’m going to start on the sleeves with that project.  More on that later!


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