Almost Halfway

The Esther socks are almost at the halfway point. After trying the socks on to see how they fit, I’ve decided to do another half-iteration of the pattern before beginning the heels. Even with mistakes, they’re looking pretty nice!

I’m hesitating to continue the stranded arm-warmers. Although the one I’ve almost finished is really cute, it has serious tension problems. It’s terribly puckered and almost too tight to be wearable. I think I will chalk it up to experience (and a good one at that)!

In the meantime, I have ordered some yarn for a (SECRET: don’t tell!) sweater for Jim. After the Coin Cable Raglan and the stranded arm-warmers, I’m ready to make a circular sweater with a decorative band across the chest and sleeves as a Christmas present. Scheming is underway … there are faaaaaabulous sweaters that I don’t have the skill for at present (such as the Stone Circles sweater by Kaffe Fassett, mmm!) but I think a nice stranded band will go over well.

I’ve taken measurements from a store-bought sweater that hubby likes:

Let’s see how it goes!



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