Foggy Memories

Not the brightest picture (sorry) but the armwarmer sampler is now on the needles!  I am totally showing my age, but this reminds me of my childhood.  Late 60s, maybe?   It was all the rage to have a looong knitted ski hat with a tassel on the end.  I had one and it looked a lot like this!

Technically, this is not difficult — it’s just stockinette knitting.  I already have practice reading charts from trying mosaic knitting.  For me, the skills to learn are: keeping the tension loose so the fabric won’t pucker and working efficiently with two yarns at once.  I was dropping one and picking up the other at first but that was NOT sustainable, especially on that checkered stripe!!  Right now, I’m trying to hold both yarns on one finger:

Any idea of uniform tension is right out the window until I get used to it … but I guess  that’s the point, ha ha!



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