FO: True Blue Tesselators

After 2.5 iterations of the decorative pattern on the leg, one extra round of K, 14 rounds of 2×2 ribbing (same height as half the decorative pattern) and EZ’s sewn bind-off … ta da!

I’m very happy with the fit and I love the drama of the pattern.  If you make this sock, make sure there’s a bit of negative ease all around or the lace won’t show well.  The cool zigzag of the stitches won’t show as well either.  Here’s a pic that captures that:

As noted in earlier posts, these are a toe-up version of a cuff-down pattern called “Tesselating Lace Socks”.  The pattern is available as a free pdf download at Ravelry.  I’ve given detailed notes here on how I did the toe-up version.  I can’t wait to wear these when the weather gets cooler!

I’ve been messing with the next project too:

Sampler Notes

One of these is the ad-libbed pattern from the gauge swatch, the others are ideas for mix-and-match.  I surfed free patterns at Ravelry to get these ideas.  There’s one of songbirds which is too excellent to pass up … I didn’t write it out here, but I’m pretty sure it will be a part of this project!  I will credit whatever projects I “borrowed” from when all is said and done, though I think most of these are traditional.



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