In Color!

Now there’s a phrase that marks my youth … I grew up when TV was making its transition from black-and-white to color.  Those of us who were still watching programs on an older TV would be teased by that phrase at the beginning of every show: “In color!”

Now that the True Blue Tesselators are in the home stretch, I’ve been thinking more and more about the next project.  The last two pairs of socks have focused on texture (stitch patterns) and I also recently finished two garments (shaping, with a bit of texture too).  Time for some color fun!

I was originally puzzling over the leftover yarn from Christmas but I couldn’t think of a project that I would actually wear, so that yarn has been set aside for now.  I want to experiment with stranded knitting.   So far, I’ve done slipped color knitting.  I’t s a great place to start because you only knit with one color at a time.  Now it’s time to try carrying two colors at once!  Long ago, when I was first learning, I gave it a try:


I think I had tension problems, but not too bad!

Looking at the stash, I found a whole bunch of Knit Picks Palette yarn in a variety of colors.  I bought it for sock knitting because, in my early days, I thought “fingering weight = sock yarn”.  Actually, it’s more loosely-stranded than I like for socks.  But it IS good for color knitting … heck, that’s why they named it Palette (duh)!  So, today I decided to make an “Arm Warmer Sampler”.  Kinda like socks, but less fiddley stuff and more focus on the color work.  Also, easier to show off when it’s finished!  The plan is to match the color transitions on each arm but not to repeat any decorative patterns (more sampler for your money, yeah!).  I selected the color combination this morning and have started a cuff:


The peachy-almond color will be background throughout, the other colors will be foreground, starting with the lovely purple heather. Heeey … why does this look familiar?  Ummm …


Smoky spices, anyone?   (Pic taken last December because I liked the color combination … the flavors are a knockout too!)



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