A Toe to be Named Later

OK, technically there is still one WIP on the needles and I really shouldn’t be starting a new project (I was going to clear the needles first) … but I’m thinking of ripping it.  It was an experiment and, although it’s OK, it’s not interesting.  Same (easy) stitch over and over.  It a good yarn (alpaca-silk) and I think I’d rather use it for something else.

With the rationalization out of the way, I give you:

An unnamed toe.  Oh yes, I spent hours browsing sock patterns and I have one in mind.  But as I was knitting this up this morning, I realized: hey, there’s no commitment to a pattern until both toes are finished!  For this pair of socks, I wanted a) to use stash b) a solid color c) a color that can be put to heavy use d) an interesting but not-too-complex pattern (to memorize and work while riding the train).  The current candidate is Tesselating Lace Socks, a pattern available for free at Ravelry. 

I was also cogitatin’ on using the mixed bag of yarn that’s left over from Christmas scarves.  It’s lovely yarn in lots of colors, but I just can’t get into any of the ideas I’ve come up with yet.  Here’s a test-swatch for a new stitch pattern:

Portcullis Stitch
Portcullis Stitch

Bagheera says that this looks (and feels) a lot like crochet.  Too firm and thick to become a sweater vest.  Looks wonderful in stripes though!  Maybe it can be a scarf.  Or not … it’s already ripped!



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