FO: Soleil Camisole

I greatly enjoyed the last part of this camisole.  The flat knitting came out much more even than I feared it would and the shaping made it all very interesting.  The most challenging part, though, was the single crochet around the edges.  I’ve never done single crochet before (and it shows, ha ha!).  The first armhole took several tries, the second armhole was better and the neck was not too bad (I saved the neck for last, hoping I might have the knack by then).  Tonight, I ripped the first armhole and tried again.  It’s OK.  There’s a good chance I will always be wearing a jacket or something so I don’t think those edges are a deal-breaker … yay!!

Soleil Camisole

Soleil Camisole

A review of the details: this free pattern is called Soleil by by Alexandra Virgiel.  I followed the instructions without modification except that I knitted one extra iteration of the lace pattern at the bottom.  I used Patons Grace mercerized cotton yarn in the “Ginger” colorway.  The pattern was easy to follow and I may use it as a jumping-off point for variations!  I also like the yarn a lot.  This is my first completed adult-sized garment with shaping and stuff.  (The Coin Cable Raglan is languishing — almost complete — in a bag.  That’s a story for another day!)  I recommend it as a first garment because it’s knit in the round (mostly) so the only sewing is at the shoulders.

In other WIP news, I’ve also gotten the Vinnlands going again.  They’re also close to being finished so maybe there will be Happy Dancing Feet pictures soon!



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