Stockinette Stretch

As a new knitter, I leaned heavily toward projects that allowed me to try out new and fancy stitches (lots of scarves!).  I also felt a strong wish to give a hand-knitted gift to each of my immediate family and any others who even hinted that they’d be interested (that’s where all the scarves went!).  I”m now starting to make things for myself and it seems I’m now moving toward a different kind of learning.

First, a long stretch of stockinette in the round may help me to develop consistent tension.  And at the same time, it’s a personal tension-reducer!  Many others have made the comparison between knitting and meditation; that’s most apparent to me with this kind of knitting.  Later in this project: flat stockinette.  It could be slow going: since my purl knitting is pretty loose, I will be tugging after each stitch.  Sigh.

Second, knitting garments means real attention must be paid to shaping and sizing.  It’s not as “sexy” as producing a fancy lace or cable, but I think it’s the next stage in the learning process … and maybe the kind of knowledge that makes the transition from “new” to “experienced”?  I will have to change my header, ha ha ha!

Here’s the Soleil:

I may thread on a second circular needle and try it on soon …



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