Lacey Days

The Soleil cotton camisole (shell, tank, top) is knitting up quickly.  I have finished the lace border and have begun the body.

Since I am long-waisted, I followed the recommendation of many other knitters at Ravelry and added an extra iteration of the lace pattern.  (I like lace anyway, so more is good!)  I also measured another top of acceptable length.  Yes, the extra inch of pattern should put this one in the same ballpark.  I was wondering if it was going to to be wide enough, but the directions call for increasing by 20 stitches right after the lace is completed.  I get it, the lace is supposed to hug a little extra.  It will show off the pattern better that way!  I’m still mildly concerned about the size, but not enough to stop, ha ha!



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