My knitting activity didn’t just taper off, it dropped off a cliff!

When you last heard from me, I was working on (post)Christmas knitting projects.  I had just finished the next-to-last of them and was ready to get back to the last one (already in progress).  Well, that’s about the time I just stopped all knitting-related activities!

I recently decided to take a new direction in my non-knitting life by expanding my volunteer activities into self-employment.  This began while Christmas knitting was in progress and accelerated rapidly as I immersed myself deeper and deeper in the process of investigating different options.  Exploration, research, planning, experimenting, learning, changing direction a few times … from this, a plan has begun to take shape! 

That last Christmas project is off the needles now, but it moved at a much slower pace.  I didn’t want it to be a chore (part of the fun is thinking of the intended recipient and putting those “good vibes” into the knitting), so I only worked on it when I had a good stretch of quality knitting time … and those were hard to come by!  Even the 2-3 hours of train travel every week were lost because I now ride the bus more and it turns out that knitting on the bus is a motion-sickness inducer.  Boo!

It seems as if the activity for my new project is shifting to a different mode now.  It was wide-open at first, now it’s more and more focused.   So knitting is moving back in to the gaps again!  I have some WIPs that have been lingering since before the holidays and I have two new-ish projects, both easy.

Easy knitted cowl

Easy knitted cowl

The first is a cowl that I’m improvising to go with a pair of fingerless mitts already completed.  I’m using yarn that I bought for Christmas and decided was not a “manly” enough color.  It’s great for me though!

EasyKnitted Cotton Wrap

EasyKnitted Cotton Wrap

The second is a lace wrap made from ecru cotton that’s been waiting in the stash for springtime … it started as a swatch for a kitchen tablecloth but morphed to “placemat” when I realized I don’t have the quantities for a tablecloth (yet) and then to “wrap” when I was pretty sure I DO have the quantities for that!

The non-knitting project?  I volunteer tutor English as a Second Language (ESL)  in Philadelphia a couple of times a week.  From Day 1, I have wanted to expand into some form of related employment and in the fall I began to more actively look into  that.  To cut to the chase, I’ve decided to go into business for myself offering business and academic tutoring to paying “learners”.   I intend to continue the volunteer work and hope that the two activities will complement each other … that whatever skills I develop through either activity will benefit the other.



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