FO: Scotch Pines Scarf

Yay!  This scarf looks very traditional, I like it a lot.  The pattern was easy to memorize … not a complex cable but good-looking.  It took pretty much exactly 4 skeins, so I have two left for other purposes.  I haven’t blocked it yet, but here’s a pic taken only moments after the last loose end was woven in:

Now the needles are free for the final scarf!  I have a swatch on bamboo needles, but I prefer the metal.  Primary focus will be on the Seismic scarf (#3) though.  But FIRST … I am going to work on something else for a few days.  The Coin Cable Raglan deserves some attention, and if I can get it finished in the next week there will be plenty of winter left for wearing it!  My poor Vinnland socks are also starving for attention, so maybe the next TWO weeks for personal knitting …

Edit: Blocking probably reduced the length of the scarf by 3 inches, because I pulled it wide to show off the cables.  Here are a couple of pictures taken during blocking to show why it’s worth taking 3-4 minutes to shape your scarf after washing!

It’s nice to have a bed in a room with a door you can close (cats, you know) for blocking.  The scarf is damp, not wet, so if you spread it on towels (I used 3 hand towels end-to-end) the bedspread won’t get moist.  And in the winter, when the air in the house is low-humidity, the scarf will easily dry overnight … plus the added moisture in the air is good for your skin!



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