Have you ever gotten into a state where the knitting just isn’t flowing on your current projects?  I’m working on two scarves at the same time because I was hoping that switching back and forth would keep them “fresh”.  Well, that ain’t the case this month!  I love both scarves but I find myself making big mistakes and progress is slow.   So, over the weekend I dropped both scarves and batted out a BSJ.  Surprise!

The seams and buttons aren’t actually sewn in this picture, but everything else is finished.  This is my second Baby Surprise Jacket.  As an experiment, I decided to make a smaller one.  I used #6 needles did fewer rows in the “back-and-forth” section of the pattern.  The yarn is Lion Brand Wool (“Perfect for Felting”) in Dark Teal 178 and Flower Garden 202, the colors in this picture are close but a little washed out.  I like the way this pattern looks with the small stripes.  Next time I do stripes, I’ll leave out the multicolored strip.  That was an attempt to even out the yarn usage between the two colors.  Didn’t work, I still had a little of the multicolored yarn left and I had to break out the second skein of the teal yarn to finish up.  I’d say that, all in all, I used just a tad more than 6 oz.  It’s satisfying to get an FO in two days and nice to get a sweater out of one continuous piece of knitting.


Now, back to the never-ending Christmas scarves!  Or … maybe just a little bit of sock-knitting first?

I ripped one of the Vinnlands back to before the heel and started a gusset in a tried-and-true configuration for this number of stitches.  I think I should have done something about the kinky yarn cuz the newly-knitted sock looks a little funky at first (maybe the kinks will settle out after the sock is washed?).  But I can tell the new heel will be excellent!  Only spent about an hour on this, but I really want to get going and finished these before the end of January!



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