UFO to WIP to FO?

The Thrifty Knitters Sock Club (at Ravelry) is gearing up for the new year … we’re all digging through our baskets and bags to find sock UFOs (unfinished objects) and January will be the month to get them off the needles!  This is a very timely plan, because I would love to be able to wear my Vinnland socks before winter is over.  When the Vinnlands and I were last on knitting terms, I was struggling with the heels.  The short row heel wasn’t working out.  After several tries, I was plain tired of working on them and I put them aside.  But the decorative stitch pattern is so much fun and the yarn is soooo beautiful, I’m now ready to give them another go.   They’ve been in this state for months, the poor dears:

And with all this talk about socks, I must be finished with the Six Christmas Scarves project, right?  Ummm, no?  Scarf #6 (which is currently named “Scotch Pines”) is at the halfway point as of this afternoon.  I started it a week ago today, so that’s excellent progress!  Here’s a pic at around the 25% mark:

Lest you think that means I have one week left to finish the project … let me advise you that Scarf #3 (“Seismic”) is at around the 60% mark and scarf #5 (not yet named) is still just a swatch twinkling at the bottom of the knitting bag!

Somehow, things got out of order, you see.  A few posts ago, I was wishing for better dexterity so that I could do all of these scarves without a cable needle and danged if it didn’t occur to me: what better way to gain dexterity than a project involving tons of cables??  I stopped using the cable needle as of that post!  After I got the hang of it, all scarves started to go much more quickly … and this one seemed to be going especially well, so I decided to try and get it finished asap.  At this rate, I ought to be showing some nice pictures of the golden scarf (#5) next week.  Unless the socks creep in and usurp my time and energy … !

Oh, by the way: H A P P N E Y E A R !!!


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