The Home Stretch

Here is a picture of “the Home Stretch” … that is, the street in front of our house:

That’s ice!  We had planned to be “over the river and through the woods” two hours ago but are waiting for the thermometer to climb and/or a salt truck to help us out.  As you can see, we live on a hill.  Our driveway is OK cuz hubby distributed some salt this morning but that only gets us as far as the street … and even if we could get out of our little neighborhood, we’d still have to find a way off of this hill!  There are three roads to choose from and I wouldn’t want to be on any of them this morning.  So, instead of drinking my coffee from a thermos while cruising down Interstate 95 I get to drink it in front of the fire … with a little Chirstmas music playing and some knitting, of course!

This, friends, is scarf #6, the last of the Christmas series!  Since I’m pitifully late (knit 2 and 1/2 scarves by tomorrow??), I wanted to have at least something to show the intended recipient at present-opening time.  I started swatching yesterday and this is the third iteration (a keeper!).  It’s probably the most traditional of all of the scarves and the color couldn’t be more Irish, could it?  I will enjoy making it … and I hope its owner won’t mind waiting for it!



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