Six Scarves

Alright, well, it’s stretching it a bit to call the last two scarves!  The ones in progress are actually longer than what you see in the picture now.  I’m really enjoying both of them.  The green one (“Seismic”) involves a cable needle and the purple one (“Imperial Mirrors”) is made with twist stitches.  The purple one is pretty narrow, but the intended recipient is the youngest of the bunch so maybe that’s OK.  I will have enough yarn left over to make a hat and I think a one-color version of the Tricorder Hat (see “free patterns”)  would match this scarf excellently … so if he seems disappointed, I can follow with the hat.  I’m now beginning the detailed planning for scarf #5, yeah!

Here’s a pic of #2 (“Diamondback”) after blocking.  It made a huge difference … this yarn has much alpaca (Knit Picks “Andean Silk”) and it fluffs out so nicely after blocking!  The drape too (prolly thanks to the silk) is heavenly.

The color is funky, but here’s a view that shows the texture of the stitch pattern well:



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