FO: Slipper Socks

Here are the completed Scrunchy Slouchy Slipper Socks in size Adult Large for hubby.  And just in time, because the temperature dropped to waaay below freezing last night!  The size 13 US DPNs are kinda unwieldy and they make a clickety-clack (which is either fun or annoying, depending on whether you’re knitting or trying to read nearby) but this pattern goes so quickly that it’s worth it!  It took me a week to get these done, but I didn’t work on them every day.  If you had a free weekend, I bet you could get them done … especially in the smaller sizes.  Idea for last-minute Christmas gift!

I’m going to put some non-slip arrangement on the bottom and will note here with an edit when I do.  Before spending money on a possible solution (puffy paint, Grippies), I’m going to experiment with some non-slip rug material I already have handy (sew it onto the bottoms). 

edit: OK, here ya go!  These have yet to be tested by hubby, so they’re not the final word.  I cut out two pieces from some extra rug-pad material we had hanging around and used a tapestry needle and a couple of pieces of the CC yarn to sew them to the bottom of the sock.  I wove in the ends … so if hubby doesn’t like how they work, it will be easy to remove them again!


I have enough of this yarn to make another pair; I think that pair will go to charity.  Thanks to Christmas plans, I’ve been slacking off on charity knitting … and speaking of Christmas plans … the socks and the sweater (now at the halfway point, if my yarn estimates are correct) have cured me of my Rectangle Blues and I’m excited about getting back to the scarves.  If I knit on them exclusively and diligently, I might have four finished and the last two on the needles at Christmas.  Not perfect, but the two fellas who don’t get a timely gift will at least get a preview!



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