Two Mysteries

What would you think if you came home from work and saw this?

a1Yes, that’s yarn coming from inside the kitchen and going up the stairs.  Stepping into the kitchen, I saw that the yarn ran under the table in the center of the room and out the other door:

a6From there, the yarn cut quickly from the dining room to the sunporch (ugly carpeting, don’t look at that!):

a7Ah ha!  A skein of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn in the “Claret Heather” colorway!  OK, so where is the other end?? Back through the kitchen to look up the stairs:

a2Looks like it goes into the office!  Let’s see …

a3 That’s right …

a4There it is!  This is my first pullover sweater project (or “jumper” as they say in some countries).  That’s the second mystery … I haven’t mentioned any pullover sweater project in my posts so far, have I?  I started it about a week ago in a spontaneous rebellion against rectangles (all the Christmas scarves).  Here’s a slightly nicer picture:

In conclusion, I went and found the culprit and his accomplice:

mysteryxSleeping in the FO blocking area (home version) are Bad Boy Baloo (brown kitty) and his Buddy Bagheera (sleeping on my blocking towels, see the box of pins?).  I guess they think I should stop starting new projects and finish some of my WIPs?  Alright already!!



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