Looking into Imperial Mirrors

I love the title of the next scarf pattern, Imperial Mirrors scarf!  It will be Barbara Walker’s “Mirror Cable”, with a couple of modifications and a bit of mock cable on the sides.  The “Imperial” part comes from the colorway of the yarn.  This afternoon I used Jacquie’s charting tool (again) to iron out the details.  Since the Diamondback is nearing completion, I’ll probably get swatching pretty soon.

I did a quick block of the Seismic scarf and was still hesitant last night … but, on examining it this morning, I decided it will be fine.  No ripping; carry on with aplomb!  (Now there’s a word that doesn’t get used enough!  Also: flapdoodle.  Dick Cavett used it yesterday in a New York Times opinion piece … I can’t remember what he had to say, but I had a blast saying “flapdoodle” for the rest of the day!)

There are no knitting pictures today.  We took advantage of the temperate afternoon for a nice walk at Valley Forge National Park.  We enjoyed gazing at near-peak foliage on very large trees.  It was lovely — even the dogwalkers, joggers and bicyclists seemed calm and peaceful.  Here are some quick snapshots:



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