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FO: Slipper Socks

Here are the completed Scrunchy Slouchy Slipper Socks in size Adult Large for hubby.  And just in time, because the temperature dropped to waaay below freezing last night!  The size 13 US DPNs are kinda unwieldy and they make a clickety-clack (which is either fun or annoying, depending on whether you’re knitting or trying to read nearby) but this pattern goes so quickly that it’s worth it!  It took me a week to get these done, but I didn’t work on them every day.  If you had a free weekend, I bet you could get them done … especially in the smaller sizes.  Idea for last-minute Christmas gift!

I’m going to put some non-slip arrangement on the bottom and will note here with an edit when I do.  Before spending money on a possible solution (puffy paint, Grippies), I’m going to experiment with some non-slip rug material I already have handy (sew it onto the bottoms). 

edit: OK, here ya go!  These have yet to be tested by hubby, so they’re not the final word.  I cut out two pieces from some extra rug-pad material we had hanging around and used a tapestry needle and a couple of pieces of the CC yarn to sew them to the bottom of the sock.  I wove in the ends … so if hubby doesn’t like how they work, it will be easy to remove them again!


I have enough of this yarn to make another pair; I think that pair will go to charity.  Thanks to Christmas plans, I’ve been slacking off on charity knitting … and speaking of Christmas plans … the socks and the sweater (now at the halfway point, if my yarn estimates are correct) have cured me of my Rectangle Blues and I’m excited about getting back to the scarves.  If I knit on them exclusively and diligently, I might have four finished and the last two on the needles at Christmas.  Not perfect, but the two fellas who don’t get a timely gift will at least get a preview!


Two Mysteries

What would you think if you came home from work and saw this?

a1Yes, that’s yarn coming from inside the kitchen and going up the stairs.  Stepping into the kitchen, I saw that the yarn ran under the table in the center of the room and out the other door:

a6From there, the yarn cut quickly from the dining room to the sunporch (ugly carpeting, don’t look at that!):

a7Ah ha!  A skein of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn in the “Claret Heather” colorway!  OK, so where is the other end?? Back through the kitchen to look up the stairs:

a2Looks like it goes into the office!  Let’s see …

a3 That’s right …

a4There it is!  This is my first pullover sweater project (or “jumper” as they say in some countries).  That’s the second mystery … I haven’t mentioned any pullover sweater project in my posts so far, have I?  I started it about a week ago in a spontaneous rebellion against rectangles (all the Christmas scarves).  Here’s a slightly nicer picture:

In conclusion, I went and found the culprit and his accomplice:

mysteryxSleeping in the FO blocking area (home version) are Bad Boy Baloo (brown kitty) and his Buddy Bagheera (sleeping on my blocking towels, see the box of pins?).  I guess they think I should stop starting new projects and finish some of my WIPs?  Alright already!!

Dark Places Revealed

In a knitting blog??   You guessed correctly: this is not some deep psychodramatic confessional moment … I was chatting over on Ravelry about the book “Mosaic Knitting” by Barbara G. Walker and I noted that I like her books so much that I can’t even keep them on the bookshelf.  Like many knitters, I often wander off mentally to explore ideas for future projects while working on today’s knitting.  If the current project is lace, this can spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r but when cranking out a swath of stockinette, it’s part of the fun.  The thing is, you start asking yourself questions such as “what are some stitch patterns that combine cables and lace?” or “what would a twisted slipped stitch look like?”  This is where you reach for The Books.  So they have to be handy.  Like, right under the couch:

That’s all four of the Treasuries, plus Mosaic Knitting.  Please note the bits of paper hanging out of each one!  Most of those are marking ideas for the Christmas scarves project, but some of them are just relics.  You can get the books at a number of places, but Schoolhouse Press also has other titles that are likely to be valuable additions to a home knitting library.  Not that I’m hinting about Christmas or anything …

Last night, I shoved all of the works in progress aside and started another one … the Scrunchy Slouchy Slipper Socks I’ve had queued for hubby.  They’re on the November list of the Thrifty Knitters Sock Club at Ravelry, so I kinda wanted to get them going.  It’s a very high-gratification project, IMO, because you can get half a sock done in one day!  Here’s yesterday’s effort:

 Hubby asked if I could make them non-slip somehow.  There are a couple of DIY ways to do it, but then I found these: Grippies . I think it will be handy to have a pack or two of these in the supply drawer.

Looking into Imperial Mirrors

I love the title of the next scarf pattern, Imperial Mirrors scarf!  It will be Barbara Walker’s “Mirror Cable”, with a couple of modifications and a bit of mock cable on the sides.  The “Imperial” part comes from the colorway of the yarn.  This afternoon I used Jacquie’s charting tool (again) to iron out the details.  Since the Diamondback is nearing completion, I’ll probably get swatching pretty soon.

I did a quick block of the Seismic scarf and was still hesitant last night … but, on examining it this morning, I decided it will be fine.  No ripping; carry on with aplomb!  (Now there’s a word that doesn’t get used enough!  Also: flapdoodle.  Dick Cavett used it yesterday in a New York Times opinion piece … I can’t remember what he had to say, but I had a blast saying “flapdoodle” for the rest of the day!)

There are no knitting pictures today.  We took advantage of the temperate afternoon for a nice walk at Valley Forge National Park.  We enjoyed gazing at near-peak foliage on very large trees.  It was lovely — even the dogwalkers, joggers and bicyclists seemed calm and peaceful.  Here are some quick snapshots:


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