FO: Staghorn Scarf

This scarf is so soft, I hope the intended recipient enjoys it as much as I do!  I think my camera may have a problem because I’m struggling to get a decent picture these days.  That’s not surprising since I have abused it horribly.  Oh well, I think the picture gives a feel for the pattern anyway.  I’ve written up a chart (first try at that experience!) and it’s now on my “Free Patterns” page.  I used Jacquie’s Knitting Chart Maker which, for my needs, is perfect!

And here is the third in the series, the Seismic Scarf.  This one started as a swatch but was looking fine so I kept going.  The border (an experiment with a new stitch pattern) is curling a bit so  I may do a quick blocking with the scarf on the needles to confirm that it will lie OK when all is said and done.

The Diamondback Scarf is about 75% complete.  It’s moving along more quickly now that I’m more practiced with the Left Twist stitch.  That was giving me headaches: while it was unfamiliar, I was splitting the yarn a lot and that looks hideous with this yarn and pattern.  You can’t ignore it; it must be corrected.  Ech.  Luckily, incidents are tapering off now.  (Famous last words, I know it!)



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