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FO: Staghorn Scarf

This scarf is so soft, I hope the intended recipient enjoys it as much as I do!  I think my camera may have a problem because I’m struggling to get a decent picture these days.  That’s not surprising since I have abused it horribly.  Oh well, I think the picture gives a feel for the pattern anyway.  I’ve written up a chart (first try at that experience!) and it’s now on my “Free Patterns” page.  I used Jacquie’s Knitting Chart Maker which, for my needs, is perfect!

And here is the third in the series, the Seismic Scarf.  This one started as a swatch but was looking fine so I kept going.  The border (an experiment with a new stitch pattern) is curling a bit so  I may do a quick blocking with the scarf on the needles to confirm that it will lie OK when all is said and done.

The Diamondback Scarf is about 75% complete.  It’s moving along more quickly now that I’m more practiced with the Left Twist stitch.  That was giving me headaches: while it was unfamiliar, I was splitting the yarn a lot and that looks hideous with this yarn and pattern.  You can’t ignore it; it must be corrected.  Ech.  Luckily, incidents are tapering off now.  (Famous last words, I know it!)


Chugging Along

Andean Silk yarn (by Knit Picks) truly makes a warm, soft, substantial scarf!  I love how it drapes … and it isn’t even blocked yet.  I think my Christmas knitting schedule was — shall we say — ambitious?   Well, I’m not going to worry about it.  Scarves that are finished will get sent out, scarves that aren’t will be photographed and the progress pics will go out instead.  (I hope that the last scarf will at least be on the needles by Christmas time!!)  In the meantime, here is the latest on the first two scarves:


I will finish the Staghorn Cable scarf by this weekend … if I don’t get distracted by swatching for scarf #3, ha ha ha!  I think it will get significantly wider after blocking.


The Diamondback scarf is a wonderfully easy knit.  Good effect for only four memorized rows (and even those are mighty similar!).



Hubby and I made a spontaneous trip into Philadelphia on Saturday.  We had no specific plans; just walked around noticing things.  I had printed out a walking tour of public art for the area we were planning to wander, courtesy of, but we just used it as a reference.   After our traditional first few minutes of confusion, we settled into a meandering pace which involved lots of pausing to gaze at architecture and so forth.  We set a general goal of “South Street” for ourselves and then let whim or “walk” signs provide the specifics.  I had a camera, but light was waning.  With hubby’s help, I got a couple of additions to my Awesome Trees gallery though:


This mighty oak is in the churchyard of St. Peter’s church, the cornerstone of which was laid 250 years ago.

This incredible sycamore  is growing in Washington Square, where thousands of unidentified Revolutionary War soldiers are buried in a mass grave.  There is a memorial, but I think the trees in the park are a nice memorial too.


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