WIP: Diamondback Scarf

I know I haven’t finished the Staghorn scarf yet (or the Vinnland socks, for that matter) but I was needing to shake things up a bit.  I kept getting stuck on both items, doing and redoing the same stretch of yarn … I needed something to break the stalemate!  I started messing around with scarf #2 of the Christmas series, puzzling over stitch pattern combinations and so forth.  Quite a few ideas fizzled before I finally settled on an uncomplicated twist stitch pattern called “Curved Diamonds” from BGW’s Treasury (volume 2) with a garter stitch border.  The swatch was looking so good, I decided to just keep going and it’s been going fine since yesterday … If you’re stuck in “doing and redoing” mode, I guess it’s a good idea to burn it on something useful: the trial and error phase for a new project!

This scarf started off with the name “Rapunzel’s Diamonds” but the stitch patterns that inspired it are no longer being used.  After such a cool original name, I was resisting “Curved Diamonds” … I mean, how boring is that?  I asked hubby to take a look at my swatch and tell me what he saw and he said “Ummmm, diamondback?”   Perfect!  I give you the Diamondback Scarf:

It ain’t the best photo in the world, but it’s good enough to show the pattern.  When finished, this scarf will be the length of a good-sized Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (5-6 feet).  The pattern does remind me of the markings you would see if you should encounter one of Pennsylvania’s resident vipers while hiking on the Appalachian Trail … and the border is garter stitch!  Garter snake?  Well yeah?!

I’m committed to the blue yarn for this project but if I were to make the scarf again, I would use something like this Trekking yarn I used for hubby’s socks.  Or maybe the new kettle dyed yarn from Knit Picks in the “Timber” colorway … 

I think I’m over the hump, so time to get back to the other projects with refreshed enthusiasm!


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