I finished the short-row heel for one of the Vinnland socks last night but wasn’t happy with the way it fits.  The whole sock feels tight, although it measures 9 inches in length (my foot is 9.5 inches) and it wasn’t too tight before I made the heel.  I’m gonna rip and add some depth to the heel.  Never done this before … well I’ve done the ripping part, ha ha ha! … but I think if I do about 4 rows of standard increase at the point where the needles meet at the center of the heel (add 4 stitches), then I can work the short row to the same number of remaining stitches (10) and get a deeper heel.  I guess I could even go down to 8.  Heel knitting didn’t take long and I wasn’t all that happy with the tidiness of one side (going to re-think that too) so this is a great chance to learn by experimentation!  I was just about to begin ripping when I decided to pause a take a progress pic, so here ya go:


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