WIP: One Ball Down

Oh, that pesky 10th inch!  For some reason, my brain wasn’t with it for a day or so and I just couldn’t focus on knitting.  I would finish an iteration of my scarf pattern and then look it over only to discover a large error — the kind you’d rather not leave in if you can help it.  The first time, I debated and then said “Oh heck, I have the time so I’m going to rip.”  Out came 6 rows.  The second time, I said “I think I can save this.” and I worked on fixing 3 of the 4 goofy stitches by dropping down, correcting and working up.  That went well, actually.  The fourth stitch was at the end of the row and I don’t know how to drop down and correct that, so I decided to live with it.  But looking it over one last time, I saw that the reason for that error was an undetected error earlier in the same row!  Rip-time.  Agh! Happily, the mental clouds cleared soon afterward and I finally got to the end of the ball.  Here’s a progress picture:

A pleasant discovery is that one ball of yarn produced just about 13 inches of scarf … I had hoped for 12 inches with the larger needles, so I was very happy to see this.  Since I have six balls, I will easily have enough for my target range (5 to 6 feet).  The final length will be determined when I get there (will make hubby model the scarf so I can verify that it’s a proper manly length).  Unlike the lace scarves I made for Christmas last year, I think the length probably won’t change much with blocking.  I’ll be “encouraging” the scarf to get wider to show off the cables so any slack will go in that direction.

I was so enthusiastic to get started with this yarn that I abandoned my bonus sock project entirely!   Christmas knitting wasn’t technically scheduled to start until tomorrow, so I have a jump on it.  I think it’s time to go back and give some loving attention to the Vinnlands, don’t you?


2 Responses to “WIP: One Ball Down”

  1. 1 loosepurls September 1, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    I am so inspired that you have already started on your Christmas knitting!!! Good job!!!

  2. 2 Hoc Age September 5, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    The scarf is looking lovely. I am tempted to get some of that yarn.

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