WIP: Prism Sock

In a startling development, I’ve cast on for my August socks in the first week of the month!  I’ve had the Prism Socks by Jaya Srikrishnan in my queue for a while … I’m so happy to finally get started on them:


OK, the pattern’s for cuff-down and these are obviously toe-up … I really wanted to be able to try the sock on as I went because I wasn’t sure how the sizing would go with a slip-stitch pattern on the leg.  I started with 1/2 the expected total number of stitches (16 stitches on each of two needles using Judy’s magic cast-on) and then used a standard toe increase to get to 64 stitches.  I knitted 6 more rows, cuz I wanted the toe color to extend a little further.  I made one small change in the design too.  When it was time to join the second yarn, I moved one stitch from needle 4 to needle 1 and started with an extra slipped stitch instead of with a K3.  It makes the stitch pattern fit onto the top of the foot better.  I’ll slip the stitch back to needle 4 eventually (haven’t thought that far ahead, ha ha!).  Another option would be to leave the stitches evenly distributed and knit the last slipped stitch (K4 at the end instead of K3 S1).  Here’s how the extra slipped stitch looks:

This variegated yarn (Knit Picks Memories in the “Fly Fishing” colorway, now discontinued) has been in my stash since before I started knitting socks.  After looking at examples of socks knit with this colorway on Ravelry, I decided there was a risk of pooling so it migrated to the back of the shelf.  I later bought the solid yarn (Knit Picks Palette in “Wood”) in hopes that it would coordinate well and I think the combination looks great!


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