FO: Bigger-Than-Babies Socks

The “big kids” version of the Better-than-Booties Socks pattern is finished:

The pic looks a bit blurry … sorry, not a lot of light when I snapped.  I followed the pattern for stitch count, etc. but made the following mods: used US #4 needles and worsted weight yarn (Patons Classic Merino in “denim”), continued the decorative pattern over the top of the foot, and used two circular needles instead of DPNs.  A note: there’s really no need to rearrange stitches before beginning the heel on this pattern.  If continuing the cables, it’s better to just begin the heel on needle 1.  That leaves needle 2 (or needles 3 and 4 for DPNs) beginning and ending with 2 purl stitches, which is just what you want for the cable pattern.  I almost forgot to mention the size of the socks with modifications!  When laid flat, these socks measure 6 inches from tip of toe to end of heel and 3 inches across the foot.  According to one size chart, this would fit a kid’s size 13 foot (the biggest kids’ size on the chart!).

New for me:

– Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ short row technique for heel and toe, including ssp and sssp stitches as well as a backwards YO.  I think the short rows came out nicely, but the technique was a bit complicated.  I also wonder if the sssp and k3tog could be uncomfortable when inside a shoe?  I was very happy to try the technique though and appreciate having it in the mental toolkit!  When I made my hiking socks (same needles and yarn, actually) I used a short row technique designed by Priscilla Wild.  I thought that was less complicated and it came out nicely too.  It’s funny that both short row techniques were designed by Priscillas … do you think that’s a requirement?

– The cables on this sock were a twist stitch “mock” cable.  I’m also doing a twist stitch cable on Cotton Belt 2 (in progress).  They’re slightly different, but produce the same effect.  It was interesting to discover this second one, which seems slightly easier and maybe looks a tad more like a cable?  On the belt, two stitches are twisted around each other by skipping a stitch and knitting one, then knitting the skipped stitch before slipping both off the needle.  In the version used for these socks, the two stitches are knitted together, then the first stitch is knitted again and both are then slipped off. 

– The zigzag bind-off (the decorative band on the top of the toes) was a fun alternative to grafting!  I think it’s pretty too.  Don’t know if it would have a “discomfort effect” inside a shoe though … I’m thinking these socks will be worn without shoes (more like slippers) and it won’t be an issue.

This pattern came with several variations and I would like to try one of the “real” cable patterns.  Maybe sometime soon …


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