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Quickie WIPs

Of course, there have been other projects on the needles over the last couple of weeks in addition to the socks!  I used some of the leftover cotton yarn from the Crest of the Wave wrap to start a simple slip stitch belt:

Funny thing is: I think I’m going to run out of the lighter color and will have to go buy another skein.   Only a few inches left, but that little bit ain’t gonna cut it … the project’s now temporarily paused.  So, I went to the stash and grabbed some more cotton (Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in their “Super Size” quantities … oh, there will be enough!) and started another slip stitch belt:

As soon as the Monkeys were set loose, I got another pair of socks going too.  The Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks by Ann Budd.  The pattern is free, but you need to register on the web site to have access to it.  I deviated from the pattern in that I used worsted weight yarn and size US #4 needles and I continued the cable pattern onto the top of the foot.  This sock will fit a kid, not a baby … It’s going to a charity that wants socks in all sizes.  I learned a different short row technique than was used on my hiking socks and the fun and easy “zig zag” bind-off … no toe grafting!

This sock took 1 Big Day (lots of time for knitting) or 2 Small Days (knitting in spare time) to do.  Time to go cast on sock number 2 …


FO: Purple Monkeys

At last, the purple Monkeys have been freed from the needles!

I was very happy with the yarn (Louet Gems Fingering in the “grape” colorway) and I enjoyed the pattern a lot!  The only modification I made was that I shifted down one needle size after finishing the leg portion of the socks.  I wanted to be sure that the lace stretched open over the foot portion too.  I think the socks fit very well, probably the best fitting socks so far!  I used US #2 (2.75mm) needles for the legs and US# 1.5 (2.5mm) for the heel and foot.  I know the design is intended to show off variegated yarn, but I really wanted to highlight the lace so I chose a solid color.  I used the Old Norwegian Cast-On because I think it gives a flexible edge that goes over a heel nicely.

An Alaskan Birthday Preznt!

Was it coincidence?  Or was it meant to be??

I was lucky enough to be selected the winner of Carin’s Blogiversary Contest, is that awesome or what?  Well, that’s not all: my really excellent prize arrived in the mail today … my birthday!  And it was perfectly birthday-ish because I was heading out the door for a birthday treat of dinner with friends when I saw the package waiting on the porch so I grabbed it and brought it along.  I opened it at dinner and each piece of the prize was wrapped with tissue and ribbon … it was a birthday party in a box, let me tell you!  I didn’t take pics, but there is a nice one on Carin’s blog HERE.  I can’t decide which item I like best … I’ve wanted to try Kidsilk Haze and Noro sock yarn forever and I especially looove Artyarn.  Oh, and hubby and I will share the salmon … a much-loved treat for both of us!!

Just Pictures

Here they are!  This yarn (Lion Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton) drapes so nicely:

FO: Hydrangea Wrap

Not a lot of time to write, so I”ll just report that the Hydrangea Wrap is finished on schedule!  I’ll be seeing the recipients of the Expanding Spontaneous Project tomorrow.  That leaves just enough time for a little steaming tonight.  They should both dry out by tomorrow evening (and I’m delivering them even if they don’t, ha ha!).

I hope to get a nicer picture of each wrap tomorrow, weather permitting …

Hydrangea Wrap

As I was knitting Wrap #2, I was wondering about my decision to put the green and blue yarns adjacent to each other.  I continued to knit, occasionally pausing to gaze out the window and ponder … “Hmmm, do those two colors work together?”  Eventually, my eyes came into focus on what was just outside the window:

OK, so the green and blue combination is a natural!  I kept knitting and am now at the halfway point.  I really like the stitch pattern.  It’s a 4-row pattern but only 3 rows are unique.  Very easy to memorize, I got 1 and a half sections done on the train today … here’s a progress pic:

I should definitely be finishing up sometime on the weekend.  I was so tempted to wear Wrap #1 last Saturday, but I managed to resist.  That temptation could arise with Wrap #2 this time around … maybe someday I’ll make a cotton wrap for myself, lol!

Hugs in Cotton

Yesterday, I started Part 2 of The Expanding Spontaneous Project.  Since there’s a limited window when the secret recipients will be available in person, I sort of have a deadline.  So, the Monkeys must go inside and rest for a while!  (They’re progressing nicely; one’s at the foot section and the other is at the gusset decrease.)

I was originally thinking of making a variation on the Crest of the Wave idea for the second wrap, perhaps doing the pattern along the length instead of across the width … but it’s more fun to try a new stitch pattern, isn’t it??  So, Wrap #2 uses Faggoting and Beehive Lace from Barbara Walker’s first “Treasury of Knitting Patterns”.    I deliberately chose a lace that wouldn’t be wavy, just to be different.  I think this wrap will be more delicate-looking when it’s finished:

The first wrap was a combination of “earthy” colors.  For this one, I was thinking of “leaves, sky, clouds”.  It took a half day of experimenting to decide on a stitch pattern, get gauge and make other design decisions.  The knitting itself should go pretty fast … well, as fast as knitting can go in high-humidity weather!


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