WIP: Cotton Wrap

Look what came home with me … can I keep it? Pleeze??

On Friday, I decided to peek into the local Big Box Store to look for some Patons Classic Merino in “Worn Denim” so I can finish the Baby Surprise Jacket.  They didn’t have it … but 6 skeins of Lion Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton sneaked into my shopping bag somehow!  It’s very soft and it drapes so nicely; with US #13 needles, this Crest of the Wave lace pattern from Barbara G. Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns (vol. 1) knits up in no time … honestly, I got half a shawl’s worth finished in two days!  I took it off and put it on a holder and then cast on for an identical second half.  I have a half-baked plan to join the two pieces in the middle with another lace or eyelet pattern and some grafting. That part isn’t 100% thought out yet — oh wait, this whole project isn’t thought out, lol!

While I was knitting, I realized exactly who should receive this wrap. Actually, there are two people who should get one; therefore it will be necessary to knit a second one.  (Ack!  The Expanding Spontaneous Project!!)  I’m not at liberty to reveal further details regarding the recipients at this time.  The element of surprise, you know!   I’m thinking of using the same yarn and lace pattern but casting on from the long edge for wrap #2 … this could be done in one piece.  What about some small wooden beads in the middle of the garter stitch section?  Hmmmm …


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