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FO: Surprise!!

The Cavalry came galloping up the drive yesterday afternoon and There Was Much Rejoicing (“yay!”).  Well, OK, the FedEx guy came trudging up the drive in 99-degree heat and hot-wash-cloth-to-the-face humidity … but he saved the day nevertheless!

I tore open the delivery box and (after taking a few moments to fondle the sock yarn) grabbed the skein of  Patons “Faded Denim” and got to work finishing my first Baby Surprise Jacket.  All in all, I agree with almost everyone else who’s ever made this jacket: it was fun, quick and easy!  I think it will lend itself to lots of variations, so I’m looking forward to starting another one soon.  It will be an excellent way to learn different edging techniques, for example.

The yarn for this sweater was chosen from my stash … the stripes were a failed attempt to make the “Faded Denim” last, live and learn!  This was the second project for me that required significant finishing.  The pattern calls for binding off on the wrong side with purl stitches and I like the way that looks, so I picked up stitches on the right side along the collar and the unfinished edges of the sleeves and then bound them off the same way.  Note to self: instead of a long-tail cast on, I could choose one that matches this finish better.

Although I haven’t posted any pictures yet, I have started on the seed stitch cardigan!  It’s been backgrounded because I’m not sure I like the collar shaping.  I’ve been thinking about it, now it’s time to make a decision and get back to it.

Oh, I also started a “cat mat”.  I’ve been wanting to try out some new techniques and I don’t want to knit in cotton (so no placemats or dishcloths).  Wool is a proven cat-attractor and I’m wanting to lure the cats to a few designated sleeping spots in the house.  I thought it might reduce the cat-hair-cleanup effort around here … yeah, laughably futile, but it’s an excuse to knit a small woolen object, so what the heck!  This is an octagon, but its style is being cramped by the DPNs at the moment.  Prolly gonna have to switch to circular needles pretty soon … in any case, it’s fun and easy.  The instructions are in Barbara Walker’s “A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns”.  I’m thinking of doing a rectangle from the outside in for the next one, as described in EZ’s “The Opinionated Knitter” (p. 53).

Edit: Oh, Geez, I forgot to mention that I finished the Crest of the Wave wrap too!  I haven’t gotten around to blocking it, which is why it fell of the radar.  Here it is in its unblocke state:

I originally wanted to join the two pieces with a little bit of lace but decided that the wrap was already big enough.  I ended up adding the first 4 rows of the lace pattern (the garter stitch part) to each piece and then adding one more row to the “back” piece.  I then followed the instructions in “Vogue Knitting” for grafting in garter stitch and there you have it!  It looks nice, but I’m still thinking about a lacey finish.  Maybe I’ll try it on the next one (there will be two of these, you know!).


Good News and Bad News

The good news: after checking several local stores and failing, I found a skein of Patons “Worn Denim” online and ordered it!  This means that the languishing Baby Surprise Jacket will be finished shortly after Mr. UPS Guy gets here in a few days.  The bad news: I couldn’t pay $15 worth of shipping charges for just one skein of yarn, could I?  Um, I don’t think so?  So there will also be 5 hanks of sock yarn arriving in the same shipment.  The good news: I have always wanted to try Ja Woll (on sale, so I got enough for two pairs) and Meilenweit (enough for one pair) so these will be excellent additions to the sock yarn stash.  The bad news: given my current sock queue, who knows when I will get around to trying this yarn??

The good news: I’m just about finished with Part 2 of the Crest of the Wave Cotton Wrap and I think I know what I want to do to join the two pieces.  The bad news: I don’t have any pictures to share with you at the moment.  So, I’ll keep this short.  I hope to be putting up pix of the completed project pretty soon anyway!


WIP: Cotton Wrap

Look what came home with me … can I keep it? Pleeze??

On Friday, I decided to peek into the local Big Box Store to look for some Patons Classic Merino in “Worn Denim” so I can finish the Baby Surprise Jacket.  They didn’t have it … but 6 skeins of Lion Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton sneaked into my shopping bag somehow!  It’s very soft and it drapes so nicely; with US #13 needles, this Crest of the Wave lace pattern from Barbara G. Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns (vol. 1) knits up in no time … honestly, I got half a shawl’s worth finished in two days!  I took it off and put it on a holder and then cast on for an identical second half.  I have a half-baked plan to join the two pieces in the middle with another lace or eyelet pattern and some grafting. That part isn’t 100% thought out yet — oh wait, this whole project isn’t thought out, lol!

While I was knitting, I realized exactly who should receive this wrap. Actually, there are two people who should get one; therefore it will be necessary to knit a second one.  (Ack!  The Expanding Spontaneous Project!!)  I’m not at liberty to reveal further details regarding the recipients at this time.  The element of surprise, you know!   I’m thinking of using the same yarn and lace pattern but casting on from the long edge for wrap #2 … this could be done in one piece.  What about some small wooden beads in the middle of the garter stitch section?  Hmmmm …


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