Back to Normal: Parallel Knitting

Thanks to the fact that I can’t drive, I haven’t delivered the baby blanket yet.  I have hubby slated to help me tomorrow since he has the day off … in the meantime, the hold on starting new projects has been removed and there are now THREE on the needles!

I was eager to start another pair of socks, so that was the first project to get going.  I have three hanks of KnitPicks Gloss  (Serengeti, Burgundy and Dusk) which were itching to become a pair of striped socks, so that’s what came out!  Actually, I secretly cast on a toe before the blanket was finished because I needed something small to work on while riding the train. I only got a couple of inches farther when I discovered a hideous dropped stitch that will require some frogging.  I think, since I was still on pain medication, it probably wasn’t the smartest idea to jump right in with 5 2.25mm DPNs!  Also, this was my first project with more than 2 colors at a time and I was experimenting with techniques for jogless stripes (referring to the info on TECHKnitter’s blog).  Kinda ambitious, I think!  Anyway, here’s what it looks like so far (color’s not so accurate due to the flash):

Another project that’s been lurking at the top of the queue for a long time was Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket.  I had a variety of Patons Classic Merino colorways hanging around, so picked a few of those and gave it a go!  It’s an easy and fun pattern, but I ran low on one color before finishing.  I picked the larger size sweater and I guess I didn’t estimate correctly!   You can see that there’s only a bit left to do as soon as I score another skein of the Worn Denim colorway:

Moving right along!  I’ve begun work on my first adult-size sweater as well.  I don’t have any pictures at the moment.  I’ve made three swatches and am now settled on the pattern, the stitch pattern, the stripe pattern (yep, stripes are an ongoing theme here!) and the needle size.  I’m still working out how I plan to finish the edges.  Should be casting on any day now …



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