Down to One WIP: Mosaic Blanket

So far, The Plan is going according to … um … plan!  Now that I’m down to a single project, there is only one way to dissipate the urge to knit.  And so, the Mosaic Baby Blanket is progressing!   I’m at the 75% mark and if I get good knitting time in every day, I think I can now hope for a pace of 3-4% a day.  (Hey, did I just use a calculator to get that estimate?  Yes.  Sheez what a dork!) 

I’d like to mention that this is not an unpleasant or difficult project and I’m very pleased with how it’s looking; my difficulty has been strictly a matter of discipline — or lack thereof!  This project is essentially a garter stitch rectangle with some color changes and slipped stitches thrown in for variety.   Once I got far enough along to see how it was going to come out (very pretty!) then many of the aspects of knitting that appeal to me most were taken out of play: planning, choosing tools and materials, playing with color combinations, deciding on a stitch pattern, setting up (or running into) a “problem” and solving it, trying new techniques …  all that was left was execution, so it’s been too easy to let other projects to take the limelight.  Yep, the baby blanket tended to stay in its bag a lot.  Sometimes I would get it out when I had some “poor quality” knitting time because this project is easily interrupted.  But the thing about being interrupted in this house is, if you set the needles down and get up then you may well come back to find:

Yes, Baloo has a weakness for dragging soft comfy things around the house when nobody’s looking.  See him innocently sleeping on the chair?  If asked, he would say “What blanket?  Me??”  Oh sure, he has a sweater of his own to drag around whenever and wherever he wants.  I like to drape it over the blanket chest with a sleeve hanging temptingly over the side because that usually works pretty well as a decoy … but Mr. Kitty will upgrade in a flash if given the chance!  This turned out to be another demotivator for working on the blanket project.  I had to keep it tucked away and “out of sight, out of mind”!

Now that I’m spending more time with the blanket, I got to thinking: why does Baloo consider it an “upgrade” over his own sweater?  Cuz it’s very soft, it drapes nicely and it’s cozy?  Hmmmm, he has a good point there. Maybe “execution” isn’t all that’s left of this project.  What about the pleasure of creating a beautiful soft fabric by hand?  How about the fact that it’s now big enough to spread over my curled legs for warmth?  I will be giving this blanket away when I’m finished with it, so if I want to enjoy it at all then this is the time to do it!  This morning, I stopped thinking so much about “percentage complete” vs. “percentage to go” and tried to do more “Mmmmmmm!”  I don’t watch TV or listen to music when I knit and since I have no other projects going it became a much more meditative experience …

Here’s a progress picture:

By the way, I think I’d better rename this project to “Little Kid’s Blanket”, cuz it’s mighty big for a baby!!


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