FO: Quick Cable Hiking Socks

Yay!  Part 1 of The Plan is now complete:

I made these toe-up socks from worsted weight yarn (Patons Classic Merino) and used just about 1 full skein for my size 9 1/2 feet.  There were half as many stitches as for fingering weight socks (42 around the foot), and it  took about half as long to knit them up.  For me, that was 10 days (with other life events dialed in too!).  I ad-libbed the pattern, borrowing the reversible cable from the pattern for the Palindrome Scarf.  The idea was for the socks to look good with the cuffs up or folded down.  They do, but I think a couple more repeats of cabling would show off the cable more when they’re folded down.  The cable stitch pattern takes 12 stitches so I expanded the cuff to 48 stitches.  This cable pulls in a LOT, so the cuff is still snug.

This was my first attempt at using two circular needles for socks.  What I liked: only two joins, no fear of dropping stitches, Magic Cast-On was easier to do.  What I didn’t like: extra needles flapping around (mine are metal, they were noisy), kinda unwieldy when tucking the WIP into a bag.  I liked that I could make these #4 US socks with only two #4 tips … I learned that I could use two #5 tips for “stitch-holding” duty.  So it wasn’t necessary to buy even more needle tips, cool!  I definitely will use two circular needles the next time I do worsted weight or heavier socks.  I may not invest in circs for finer socks though; I have plenty of DPNs!  Oh, this was the first time I used my Knit Picks Options and I really enjoyed them.  Smooth, nice tips, flexible cable.  I’m glad I got the set!

Another first for me was the short row heel with no heel flap.  I had read that some knitters don’t like the fit, but for me  it fits just fine.  I found instructions for a short row heel that does NOT use a wrap and turn, how about that??  It was developed by Priscilla Wild and is documented in the Lifestyle Toe-Up Socks “pattern”.  (In quotes because it’s more like general guidelines for ad-libbers than a true pattern.  You could use it to make my hiking socks.)

Wow, my April socks are finished and I have 5 days left!  Time for Part 2 of The Plan.  Must.  Not.  Start.  A.  New.  Pair.  Of.  Socks.


3 Responses to “FO: Quick Cable Hiking Socks”

  1. 1 margaret May 16, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    I love these socks. I make worsted weight socks to wear to work. I’m a nurse and on my feet for eight hours at a time, and lighter weight socks aren’t as comfortable after a couple of hours. I am always looking for ideas for new patterns. I have read about this short row heel but have yet to try it. Now I am ready to look in my stash for some yarn and give it a go. Thanks.

  1. 1 FO: Bigger-Than-Babies Socks « KEFKnits Trackback on August 1, 2008 at 2:19 pm

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