Ze Plan, Boss!

Anybody out there old enough to get the “Fantasy Island” reference??

But here it is: The Plan

I want to get down to 1 WIP and *finish it asap*!  The Mosaic Baby Blanket was under wraps for a while because every time I got it out, the kitty would drag it into another room with loose yarn trailing after it.  It must be one comfy blanket cuz he only drags around the best!  See this and other related posts for details …  BTW, he’s now got a new habit of napping on my computer keyboard dangerously close to the “esc” key which can cause some havoc, oh yeah … here’s a pic taken literally 1 minute ago:

OK, I’m rambling!  Back to The Plan.  All I have to do is finish the sock on the needles (the second hiking sock, which is about 25% done) and then do NOT start anything else!  I will be able to say I finished my April socks in April (what a concept!) and I will have nothing but the baby blanket left to work on … and work I must if I want to get it finished in time to send it off to its intended recipients!


1 Response to “Ze Plan, Boss!”

  1. 1 DebQ April 28, 2008 at 5:23 am

    Ha- ya – I’m old enough to get the reference!!! Stick to the plan! Love the hiking socks and your bravery to knit “outside” a pattern!

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