Hiking … or Hopping

Edit: After I bagged the Chevrolace socks, I decided to knit up a quick pair of hiking socks with some available yarn instead.  That way I could keep up with my plan to knit a pair of socks every month this year cuz they should go quickly.

Not much time for knitting in the last couple of days, but I did finish the first hiking sock:

This is worsted weight wool, the sock was knit on #4 needles.  It fits great!  I chose the reversible cable in the popular Palindrome Scarf cuz I thought it would be fun to be able to fold the cuff down or leave it up.  I think I’ll prolly leave it up because it looks nice that way.  Until I get the other sock finished, I won’t be hiking in it … well, I could hop around on one foot I guess!

In non-sock news, now that tax time is over … hubby’s back!  Well, he wasn’t really gone, just very very busy.  The one way I tried hardest to be supportive was to cook lots of good homecooked dinners for him … they would be waiting when he got home at 8PM.  Sitting down to a nice dinner was pretty much his only entertainment for a while.  Well, the day after taxes were out of the way he took me out to dinner at Amada, which was a real treat!  He also brought home this cute flower arrangement:

See?  It’s in a colander, supposed to look a bit like a tossed salad … it was in appreciation of all the nice dinners, isn’t that nice?


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