Yay for da Jays! (FO)



 Yay!  My March socks for the Thrifty Knitters Sock Club (a Ravelry forum), the Cherry Tree Hill  Jaywalkers in the “Fall Foliage” colorway, are finally finished!  The pattern for these socks by Grumperina is free (which is why it’s a TKSC selection) but the site where it was published recently went away.  It’s available on Ravelry, if you have access.  The socks fit G R E A T!  The yarn was a pleasure to work with and the colors were out of this world.  A snivel: as you can see, there are bits of undyed yarn that show up as white spots on these socks.  I bought this yarn online, would not have bought this particular hank if I had been shopping in a LYS.  (A motivation to patronize your local yarn shop!)  Still, I’m expecting to have lots of fun wearing these socks!  One other note: I participate in the TKSC discussions so much that the forum administrators said “Um, since you’re already kinda doing it, would you like to be a moderator?”   Well, yeah?   I’m not on the computer that much these days, but I have picked a few forums at Ravelry that I try to contribute to actively, and that’s one of ’em.  Great group, BTW.  Please check it out!

Right after the front porch photo session with the Jaywalkers, I got started on my April choice for the TKSC, the Chevrolace Socks, but I decided that the selected yarn (Knit Picks Palette, “Iris Heather” colorway) was plied too loosely for lace.  I could tell I would not enjoy this pattern with that yarn (though I’m sure either would be fine with another partner!).  I did get a chance to try a new toe-up cast-on though:

This is the crochet cast-on.  It was fun to give it a try, but I think I like Judy’s Magic Cast-On better.  This one requires 2-needle stockinette ro get going and my purls are looser than my knits so it looks a bit funky.

Well, you know how it is when you’ve got to go back to the stash … you get to dreaming and saying “what if …?”  I ended up with my treasured Great Adirondack Yarn Co Silky Sock (“Balsam“) and some Knit Picks Gloss in the “Serengeti” colorway.  They’re both a merino-silk blend and I hadn’t noticed until today that they look very nice together!  Next thing I knew, I had a gauge swatch (gauge tube?) of a Barbara Walker mosaic pattern with some great sock potential:

The stitch and row count for this pattern fits in with the instructions for mosaic socks in Charlene Schurch’s book “Sensational Knitted Socks“, which I haven’t had a chance to knit from yet.  It looks lovely, but I’m not sure I have enough of the Serengeti for two socks … maybe I’ll switch them … or maybe another idea will float into view …



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