I Tink I Got a Problem …

I mentioned the other day that I had to tink 4 rows of the Jaywalkers … Well, unbelievably,  I had to tink the same 4 rows again for a different problem!  Trying to be Zen about it all, I said “Well, maybe the Jaywalkers need a rest right now.  That’s cool, I’ll work on the Mosaic Baby Blanket.”  And there I was a little while later tinking 400+ stitches of the baby blanket.  Oh yes, I tried to figure out if I could recover from the errors without tinking … in all cases I messed around until I made it worse and then decided to tink until all ugliness went away!

All joking aside, I can usually remind myself that if I enjoy knitting for the sake of knitting, then I may as well enjoy tinking too.  After all, once I have decided that it’s necessary, then as far as I’m concerned it must be done in order to complete the project. So even though it looks as if it’s going backwards, it’s really going forward.  If it must be done, then getting it taken care of is progress!

BUT … that’s a lot of tinking!  You kind of have to wonder: what’s up with that?  Well, I’m not quite yet a dedicated Phan of the Phillies (was once a Mets fan, old habits die hard) but I saw an interview with a Phillies pitcher after their opening game (they lost) and he said something to the effect of: “Hey, it wasn’t there for me today.”  Hey.  It isn’t there for me today!

For your visual gratification, here’s a stash picture … this yarn is currently queued for hiking socks.  I look forward to hiking this summer in some of the nearby preserves in the Philadelphia region that are  protected and preserved by Natural Lands Trust.



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