Bilingual Knitting

… and crocheting.  I’ve recently started tutoring English as a Second Language in Philadelphia, working with a group of three adults who want to improve their extemporaneous speaking skills.  There are two women and one man in the group and we meet twice a week.  On Thursdays, due to scheduling issues, the man is usually a little late … about 20 minutes or so.  I don’t want to get too deeply into whatever we’re doing until the whole group is present, so this past Thursday we were doing soime light chit-chat … any speaking is good practice! 

The topic, not surprisingly, was “what do you do when you have some extra time?” and I mentioned that I knit.  The two women both knew the word and their eyes lit up!  So I reached into my backpack and pulled out my WIP (the Jaywalkers) and things got really animated!  Ladda (from Thailand) knits and Yan-Yan (from China) crochets and they both said they would love to know how to read patterns in English.  I said “Sure!” and then there was a brief pause … what about Jhong (the man, from China)?  I noted that some men knit, and they commented that he probably doesn’t … so I suggested that we could use our 15-20 minutes on Thursdays to talk about knit and crochet vocabulary and if he seems interested when he arrives, he can join right in.  And if he’s not interested, we can switch over to something the whole group wants to do.

I can’t believe I’m working knitting into my tutoring sessions, ha ha!  After our Thursday meeting was finished, I had an appointment and found myself walking past the University of Pennsylvania Bookstore so I stopped in to check out their offering of knitting books. After all, if Cat Bordhi’s “New Pathways” was on the shelf, it would have to be liberated!  It wasn’t, but I found a cute little book called “Knitspeak: An A to Z Guide to the Language of Knitting Patterns”.   How perfect is that???   It will be useful for tutoring, and I think I’ll enjoy browsing through it myself, given my Knitting Lingo pages!

Sadly, I don’t have any progress pictures today.  I just tinked 4 rows on one of the Jaywalkers (don’t ask) and who wants to take a picture of negative progress?  LOL!  But it has been a great week for armchair birdwatching, as migration is now in swing and we happen to be sort of close to a major route (the Atlantic flyway, which passes over Cape May).  So, in honor of that, here are a couple of old pics of red shouldered hawks taken on different occasions in Florida.  Yeh, I’m reaching ..



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  1. 1 Diane D. April 5, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    You are TOO MUCH! That’s great – and you know that if they talk about something close to them, they’ll pick up language more easily! Please post any pics of their FOs – it would be interesting to see some of their work!

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