Walkin’ the ‘Walker

Well, I’m knitting the Jaywalkers top-down (as the original pattern calls for) because some people report having size issues … the less-flexible nature of the fabric means you need a more careful fit.  So, now that I have one leg finished I guess I oughtta put it onto waste yarn and try it on:

Thought I’d share the picture in case a rippety-rip has to happen … though I’m hoping that won’t be the case!  I’m enjoying the pattern so much: it and the yarn go together well and most of the time it’s straight knitting, but you get such fun effects.

I’m also working in the background on the Mosaic Baby Blanket and am about to hit the halfway point.  When I do, I’ll take a picture.  I will be spending more time on this project because I want to have it finished by June 1.

But … only 2 WIPs?  That can’t be!  So I’ve been playing with this:

It’s a ball of KnitPicks “Alpaca Cloud” (2-ply laceweight alpaca) which I had originally bought for last year’s Christmas project.  I was knitting lace scarves and this was going to be the one for my mom, but it proved to be too challenging for my abilities.  I sent away for some “Shadow” for mom, and that worked out well.  In the meantime … I have never made a lace scarf for myself!  Actually, the very first lace scarf project I ever did was the Drooping Elm Leaf pattern in a mohair blend. Since I had no idea how it would come out, I didn’t knit it with anyone in mind.  It came out spectacularly, if I do say so myself … so I gave it away, ha ha!  So: what pattern?  What size needles?  Puzzling, puzzling …


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