Jaywalker Cast-On … and a Mystery

I dove right in on the Jaywalkers after the Ladder of Life socks were finished, was dying to see how the Cherry Tree Hill SuperSock Merino in “Fall Foliage” was going to look in zigzag form … here’s a peek:

I tried, but the picture just doesn’t capture the intensity of the colors.  It’s a pleasure to see them on the needles … a mixed pleasure, though.  I don’t want to get all AR about it (oops, I think it’s too late!) but there are patches of faded color and even undyed spots dotting this yarn.  You can see a couple here at the double decreases, there are more obvious ones on the other side.  I’m disappointed since CTH yarn gets rave reviews from so many knitters and, at $22 a skein, is not your bargain basement yarn.  I’m going to forge onward and hope it doesn’t have a big effect on the overall result.  Given this and my experience with the Trekking yarn, I can now see a clear reason why shopping at the local yarn store beats shopping online!  At the LYS, I can personally inspect the yarn before deciding whether to buy it.  I’m not swearing off either yarn brand, I LooooOOooove the colors on both!  I’m also aware that this is hand-painted yarn (at least the CTH is) and therefore perhaps subject to a bit of unpredictability.  Guess I’m too picky to buy fancy yarn online anymore though.  (Well, maybe if it’s on sale …)

The mystery is this: I found one of hubby’s new socks on the sunporch this morning sitting in the middle of the rug all by itself.  (I knit on the sunporch and his socks were folded neatly together next to my knitting chair last night.)  The other sock was nowhere to be seen!  Now, one of our cats (Baloo) has a habit of finding “soft fuzzy warm things” and dragging them around the house in the middle of the night.  Sometimes I find a WIP in the kitchen with a trail of yarn back to the sunporch … so I try to secure my knitting before going to bed, hah!  I didn’t think the socks would capture his attention.  Mistake!  Anyway, I emailed hubby at work and he didn’t find the other one and put it away … so where the heck is it?? I’ve looked all around.  No sock.  Gotta do a systematic search, I guess, cuz (hubby doesn’t know this yet) a Major Photo Session of these socks in action is planned for sometime Sunday …


2 Responses to “Jaywalker Cast-On … and a Mystery”

  1. 1 Caroline aka Craftyfox March 16, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    Hi I love the colours but I think I would email a picture to theyarn people showing them the white bits. A good company appreciates feedback. they may need to change their processes.

  2. 2 Kathy March 16, 2008 at 10:15 pm

    Thanks,I just might do that when the socks are finished … especially if it shows up significantly! Good point about passing info on to the company, if I were running one I would want feedback too.

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