Cuff Stuff

It’s tax season and that means the best chances for rounding up hubby for a sock-fitting are on Sunday morning (March + CPA = very little leisure time!).  I had one sock that was potentially finished but was holding off on the bind-off because 1) I wasn’t all that happy with the 1×1 cuff at the top and 2) I was worried that he wouldn’t be happy with the leg length (kinda short).   Yes, he wants a longer leg.  And yes, the 1×1 ribbing doesn’t add anything to the sock … I thought it would be nice to have the 5 stitches of 1×1 between the ladders blend into a nice cuff, but it’s not very noticeable and the cuff itself is looser than the leg (supposed to be a little more tension at the top, not less!).  So, froggy-frog time!  I don’t have a lot of yarn to play with, but I think I can get another inch out of it.  Going to catch the other sock up first …

edit: other than the length of the leg, the sock looks great, BTW!  I didn’t take any pics, saving my “credits” on hubby’s foot-modeling time for the Grande Finale (when I will be forcing him to do corny sock-model poses, a request that he’s not aware of at present).

Since there are no pictures, hold on a sec … there, I’ve dug one up.  Sorry, all the “good” pics are on the standalone hard drive which isn’t handy at the moment.  So here’s one from my cell phone.  I was waiting to meet someone and their train was late, so I amused myself by taking snaps of strangers at 30th Street Station, Philly …



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